WWE Superstars LIVE Coverage – Part 1/2: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

15 10 2010

For the first match, former tag-team and dance partners Kelly Kelly and Layla faced off tonight on WWE Superstars. Amazing match! Definetly worth watching! Both of these ladies have extreme talent.. And I’m glad to see Layla in a singles instead of a tag-team.

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

“Holla! Holla!” Kelly Kelly comes out with Natalya to her theme, Layla comes out with Michelle McCool to her theme as well. “Flawless!”

Quick Note: All of the Diva’s look gorgeous tonight! Kelly Kelly and Michelle especially.

Shortish match up.. the two square off, Kelly coming off the top rope, but a release from Layla. Looks like that broke some ribs. Layla with a pin-up and a kick out by Kelly. Layla with a neckbreaker and a kick to the back. Layla grabs Kelly by the hair and puts her in a leglock. Kelly’s fighting to stay in, Layla pinches Kelly’s nose and Kelly attacks her. She’s still locked in though. Kelly with a release and… never mind. A kick down by Layla.

Quick Note: Is anyone else loving this singles action? They should do this more often!

Come on Kelly! Her “tribal” scream as she repeatedly slams Lay into the mat. Shit! A pin by Layla.. and a count-out. Kelly goes for the pin after a slam and.. very close count. Kick-out by Lay. Layla is imitating Natalya and her “beard”. Layla locks in the sharpshooter and is too distracted with taunting Natalya, that Kelly gets out. Natalya chokes Layla on the rope and Kelly rolls up Lay for the three count.




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