WWE Superstars LIVE Coverage – Part 2/2: Melina vs. Alicia Fox

15 10 2010

The two divas come out.

Quick Note: Alicia Fox NEEDS to get a new entrance.

Just tuned in, Alicia has the upperhand but Melina locks in Alicia in the ropes.. Impressive by Melina! Reversal also by Melina.. Maxine gets involved and cause Melina a minor injury. Alicia pushes Melina back in the ring. A pin by Alicia.. Kick-out by Melina at 2. Alicia with the “rib-breaking” kicks.

Alicia keeps stepping on Melina’s hair (oh no she didn’t!) and keeps brutally kicking her. Here comes our girl Melina! Her famous tribal scream and she’s back and better than ever! Double knee to the back of the head and here we go.. Oh wait. What’s this.. Shoot! Faceplant and pin by Alicia. MELINA KICKS OUT. Some kind of reversal by Melina (didn’t see it, it was so quick!) and a very flexible pin by Melina. Melina wins!

Post-Match: Melina celebrates while Maxine and Alicia sulk.

**And that is your WWE Superstars live coverage. Tune into tomorrow for Full Results and Media.**




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