Oct. 14, 2010 – TNA Tales – Woww!

15 10 2010

Last night on TNA was a huge night! Not only because there was an appearance by Jersey Shore star J-Woww, but all of the Knockouts segment’s were very good! All I can say is… “Woww!”

Backstage Segment: J-Woww

The moment those MTV fans have been waiting for! J-Woww has arrived at the Impact Zone in a shiney white BMW.

In-Ring Segment: Madison Rayne and Tara

Madison Rayne comes out with a referee. We see footage from Bound for Glory when Tara won the Knockouts Title.

Madison has a microphone and she says that last Sunday night was the biggest night in professional wrestling. It was the biggest pay per view of the year and she had a plan. That plan involved her becoming the three time TNA Knockouts Champion. That didn’t happen because her title is around the waist of Tara. The same Tara who has her to thank for getting her job back in TNA. She demands that Tara come back to the ring and give her what she deserves . . . a Knockouts Title Match right now.

Tara’s music plays and she comes out to the ring.

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WWE Superstars LIVE Coverage – Part 2/2: Melina vs. Alicia Fox

15 10 2010

The two divas come out.

Quick Note: Alicia Fox NEEDS to get a new entrance.

Just tuned in, Alicia has the upperhand but Melina locks in Alicia in the ropes.. Impressive by Melina! Reversal also by Melina.. Maxine gets involved and cause Melina a minor injury. Alicia pushes Melina back in the ring. A pin by Alicia.. Kick-out by Melina at 2. Alicia with the “rib-breaking” kicks.

Alicia keeps stepping on Melina’s hair (oh no she didn’t!) and keeps brutally kicking her. Here comes our girl Melina! Her famous tribal scream and she’s back and better than ever! Double knee to the back of the head and here we go.. Oh wait. What’s this.. Shoot! Faceplant and pin by Alicia. MELINA KICKS OUT. Some kind of reversal by Melina (didn’t see it, it was so quick!) and a very flexible pin by Melina. Melina wins!

Post-Match: Melina celebrates while Maxine and Alicia sulk.

**And that is your WWE Superstars live coverage. Tune into tomorrow for Full Results and Media.**

WWE Superstars LIVE Coverage – Part 1/2: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

15 10 2010

For the first match, former tag-team and dance partners Kelly Kelly and Layla faced off tonight on WWE Superstars. Amazing match! Definetly worth watching! Both of these ladies have extreme talent.. And I’m glad to see Layla in a singles instead of a tag-team.

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

“Holla! Holla!” Kelly Kelly comes out with Natalya to her theme, Layla comes out with Michelle McCool to her theme as well. “Flawless!”

Quick Note: All of the Diva’s look gorgeous tonight! Kelly Kelly and Michelle especially.

Shortish match up.. the two square off, Kelly coming off the top rope, but a release from Layla. Looks like that broke some ribs. Layla with a pin-up and a kick out by Kelly. Layla with a neckbreaker and a kick to the back. Layla grabs Kelly by the hair and puts her in a leglock. Kelly’s fighting to stay in, Layla pinches Kelly’s nose and Kelly attacks her. She’s still locked in though. Kelly with a release and… never mind. A kick down by Layla.

Quick Note: Is anyone else loving this singles action? They should do this more often!

Come on Kelly! Her “tribal” scream as she repeatedly slams Lay into the mat. Shit! A pin by Layla.. and a count-out. Kelly goes for the pin after a slam and.. very close count. Kick-out by Lay. Layla is imitating Natalya and her “beard”. Layla locks in the sharpshooter and is too distracted with taunting Natalya, that Kelly gets out. Natalya chokes Layla on the rope and Kelly rolls up Lay for the three count.

TNA signs Former WWE Diva

15 10 2010

Alongside Mickie James, TNA has signed another Former WWE Diva… Katie Lea Burchill!

PWInsider.com reports that she had a tryout match for the company in mid-August. Rumors were also flying around that she didn’t make the tryout. Proves your dirt sheets wrong! Welcome to TNA, Katie!

Interview with Former NXT Rookie

14 10 2010

Not going to get into too much, but I had the chance to interview former NXT rookie Aloisia last night. It wasn’t really an interview, more like a “mini” interview I guess. The total time is about 4 minutes.

We talk about her time with NXT, the Rookies, future projects, etc.

UPDATE: Audio player isn’t working.. so, I’ll link to my blog, by clicking below, you can listen.


Oct. 12, 2010 – NXT XTRA: The Golden Proposal

13 10 2010

Big Thank’s to WrestlingInc.com for the results:

Cue the opening and we are welcomed to Portland. Matt Stryker welcomes the remaining ladies to the ring.In a surprising development Matt is wearing a sweater vest. Matt congratulates the ladies for surviving the first elimination and we begin a new set of challenges.

Challenge #1: Name that Tune.
The girls will hear a tune and can blast a horn to give their answer as we play snippets of WWE theme songs. Each correct answer gives the contestant 100 points. A.J. gets the first 2, Naomi gets number 3, A.J. gets the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth tune. Now the songs are worth 200 points. A.J. gets tune 1, tune 2, tune 3, tune 4, and misses tune 5.
A.J. wins the worst segment in wrestling history. At least it is the worst since NXT last week and mercifully we head to a break.

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Oct. 11, 2010 – RAW Revelations: A Brutal Beatdown

12 10 2010

I think tonight, all of the Divas on the roster are actually used. Although, there wasn’t actually a real match. Figures. Here are your Raw Revelations.

Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse vs. R-Truth w/ Eve

Maryse and Ted Dibiase are already in the ring, Eve comes out and dance down to the ring.

Quick Note: Is anyone else sick of Eve dancing? I mean.. I love her, but I find it extremely annoying.

The match starts and R-Truth blows by Ted, Truth fights back, avoids a couple of attacks and hits a leg lariat for 2. DiBiase fights out of a headlock and hits a clothesline before going on the attack with rights for a 1 count. Stiff kick to the ribs. DiBiase doesn’t have his Million Dollar Championship tonight. A back breaker gets 2 for DiBiase, but he runs into a boot by Truth in the corner. Couple of clotheslines by Truth, followed up by a snap powerslam for 2. Sitout suplex gets 2 for Truth. Truth comes off the ropes into a spinebuster from DiBiase for 2. Ted sets for Dream Street but here’s Golddust and Aksana. Truth gets a roll up for 2! The Lie Detector connects and it’s over!

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