In Video: JWoww does TNA iMPACT

13 10 2010

While TNA Wrestling is riding the waves of Mainstream Publicity they seen to want to bleed it dry, serving us all a taster of The Jersey Shore does TNA iMPACT, As we reported earlier JWoww (Jenni Farley) did a one-night-only cameo appearance taking on Snooki Look-alike Cookie (Becky Bayless) in an impromptu Cat Fight at one of the latest TNA Television tapings.

With that said TNA Wrestling are looking to lock Farley into a longer- deal with the company. As it is rumroed that they are looking to book a Cookie vs JWoww Pay-per-View Match. That would gain more mainstream publicity due to the MTV Hit Series Jersey Shore currently being a Pop Culture hit and Jersey Shore’s The Situation being on the USA’s verison of Strictly Come Dancing.


Mickie James on TNA Reaction

8 10 2010

Well today I decree it ‘Mickie James Day’ As the whole Wrestling World knows that former WWE Diva Mickie James Made her TNA Debut last night, in this Video we have an insight into what she has planned.

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Minus a few technical hitches and a slight fumble on whom is actually the TNA Knockouts Champion, Mickie is back it is and will be interesting to see what will become of the TNA Knockouts Division with the Major acquisition of Mickie to the roster. To be honest it wasn’t exactly a suprise, but hell the whole world is happy to see Mickie back on National Television and back in a Wrestling Ring. But will Mickie James become the first ever Triple Crown Womens Wrestler in all major Wrestling Promotions, Everyone at wouldn’t be suprised if she did.

Video: Mickie James TNA Debut

8 10 2010

Here is the video of Mickie James TNA Debut last Night on the Live Edition of TNA iMPACT

AJ Lee: The Profile

5 09 2010


NXT Rookie Diva AJ Lee, WWE’s creative department discussed changing the 23-year-old’s ring name due to a rival promotion’s wrestler sharing the same first name, but ultimately felt it was no concern.

WWE officials originally intended to promote Lee over the summer to the SmackDown! brand as a new babyface Diva, replacing released performer Mickie James as ‘the cute small girl’. A vignette featuring Lee aired before the live crowd at the July 6th Friday Night SmackDown television taping om Atlanta, Georgia but cut from the Television broadcast because they were introducing Alberto Del Rio via vignettes and felt that other talent shouldn’t be introduced simultaneously.

23 Year Old AJ, real name April Jeanette, started wrestling independently in the Northeast in 2007, two years after graduating from high school. While plying her trade on the indy circuit, Lee attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in New York City, majoring in Film and Television production. With just over 20 matches under her belt, she attended WWE’s May 2009 talent evaluation clinic and nabbed a developmental deal — the first female with prior wrestling experience to be signed to a contract in over two years.

Lee debuted in Florida Championship Wrestling in August 2009 and has been among the most prominently featured performers in the developmental promotion since then. She currently reigns as the Queen of FCW.

Check out some of her work below:

Of the six NXT season three contestants, Lee is the only contestant with prior WWE wrestling experience, having just competed last week at a SmackDown live event in Odessa, Texas. She is regarded as ‘far and away’ the best in-ring performer of the cast and thus considered the favorite entering the competition.

You can click here to see photos of Lee’s debut WWE Photoshoot.

In Video: The New NXT Season 3 Cast

1 09 2010

Below are the video packages that were played throughout last night’s season finale episode of NXT, Introducing the World to WWE:NXT Season Three’s Diva Rookies

Learn more about the New NXT Diva Rookies. Click here for their Bio’s

Raw Revelations: A ‘Flawless’ Offer of UNITY

31 08 2010

Well last week Michelle McCool and Layla we our whistle and set the Wrestling Internet World on frenzy with the announcement of their ‘offer’ Last Night we found out what their proposal was and we are delighted that it is of a Match at Night of Champions to Unify the WWE Women’s and WWE Divas Championships to prove whom is the ‘Top Diva’ in WWE.

To start we are shown a quick video-package of Melina successfully defended her Diva’s Championship. She then comes out with Eve Torres to a massive pop, to take on the team of Lay-Cool! Who are already in the ring showing the Crowd and themselves that they are Simply Flawless. Melina and Michelle start off in the ring and Melina gets the early offence in with punches and forearm blows to Michelle.

Melina quickly goes back on the offensive but Michelle grabs Melina and plants her face to the Mat and goes in for a quick pin attempt which only achieves a two count. After a near fall Michelle tags in her co-hort Layla. Layla tosses Melina around the ring for a while, Eve on the ring apron tries to pump-up the crowd. With Melina still slightly dazed from the hair-pull throw by Layla. The Divas Champion pushes the Official Women’s Champion Layla into her so called ‘Flawless’ team mate, knocking her of the apron.

During the melee and with a confused Layla, Melina quickly rolls Layla up for the three count.

After the Match, Michelle gets on the microphone, and says Melina’s victory is like her, forgettable. Michelle then goes on to say that they want to take Melina on at Night of Champions, and unify the WWE Diva’s Championship and WWE Women’s Championships! To prove whom WWE’s Top Diva.

Melina then goes on to say, that she came prepared and accepts! ONLY, if the match is a Lumberjack match! Lay-Cool accepts, and afterwards, all the divas come out, with Melina smiling.

WWE unifying their Women’s and Diva’s Championships intrigues me, and hopefully every other diva fan. It is no secret that the women’s division is on the verge of collapsing in on its self. With three workers released recently, one suspended, and one on the injury list.

This could be the best thing for the Divas, if correctly created . For instance, one division with Lay-Cool, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Gail Kim, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, and Jillian could be entertaining but only if it is done with a strong division at the core. – with a few new additions.

Check back next Tuesday, for another Raw Revelations .

In Video: Next Weeks Monday Night Raw Divas Match

17 08 2010


Here is a WWE Fans Video from Next Weeks Monday Night Raw taping from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, the taping is due to the fact that WWE is going on a Tour of Japan this Week.

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