Interview with Former NXT Rookie

14 10 2010

Not going to get into too much, but I had the chance to interview former NXT rookie Aloisia last night. It wasn’t really an interview, more like a “mini” interview I guess. The total time is about 4 minutes.

We talk about her time with NXT, the Rookies, future projects, etc.

UPDATE: Audio player isn’t working.. so, I’ll link to my blog, by clicking below, you can listen.



Interview with Former NXT Rookie

30 09 2010

Diva-Adikt has the chance to interview former WWE NXT Rookie, Aloisia, also known as ‘Isis the Amazon’.

Tune into Diva-Adikt next Thursday to hear the full thing!

D-A Interview with Shelly Martinez

24 09 2010

I got the chance to interview former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Shelly Martinez this past week via e-mail. The interview is a great read! Highly recommend it, we talk about Aloisia’s position, what it was like for her working in the WWE.

I’m going to start with your wrestling career at first:
At what point in your life did you know you wanted to wrestle?

I was very young, wrestling has always been in and out of my life.

What was it like working with the women and the men of the WWE?

It was a learning experience, that’s for sure.  I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad way.  It was really cool to have worked with some of the performers who inspired me.  Knowing them on a personal level and learning from those who have been in your shoes.  It was a very interesting time in my life.

How was it different from TNA?

In any job you have politics, that’s just life.  You will have people who do not like you, you have people who support you. I think people assume that what goes in wrestling only happens in wrestling.  I have had some “real” jobs before making it to the WWE and let me tell you, the same type of things happened there that happen in wrestling.  I remember having to confront a co worker of mine who decided to always belittle me.  I didn’t even know her.  I confronted her in the privacy of her own office.  I wasn’t dramatic, I didn’t yell just told it like it was.  Once she got promoted she had me fired.  Sound familiar??  So to answer your question in the world of business dealing with TNA is like dealing with a mom and pop office drama.  The WWE is like dealing with working at a major company where it is more cut throat simply because there is more money involved and more mainstream opportunities to be had.  I def had more fun in TNA though.  After leaving WWE I saw how much of the BS of it is brainwashing so when I went to TNA I was more laid back about going to work.  This kept me out of trouble!!

Who was the wrestler you looked up to growing up?


When you got released from the WWE and TNA… I bet it was heartbreaking. What did you think? I know us fans were as shocked as you, yourself were.

Well, I knew when I got into my argument with Batista I was going to be fired.  I remember calling my grandma from my hotel room telling her I was most likely going to get fired.  I even remember after the show going up to Matt Hardy saying I knew I was going to be released.  So there was no shocker there for me.  I think as soon as my fans heard why I was release they were not shock either.  I love that they have supported me from day one and seem to support me more now than ever.  I feel the way I got released opened up who I was to my fans and I just love that!! I didn’t get released from TNA I left.  I do wish I put more thought into that one but c’est la vie.

Now, you get around, I’d say! You’re in movies, on reality shows. What’s it like being famous?

I do not consider myself famous at all LOL  I am an artist who loves to express myself by performing.  I live to entertain since I was little.  I would always entertain my family when I was a wee Shelly with jokes, dancing and singing.  It’s who I am so yes, I do tend to “get around” and I will continue to 🙂

You are definitely an “Elvira” sex symbol. What’s it like knowing that people see your nude photos?

Well, I wish I would’ve been more picky on the projects I have done that had me topless or nude.  There was a time in my life where I was broke, had low self esteem and stuck in a dark time.  So there are some images that people have seen because of my poor decision making.  I wouldn’t be who I am today if I didn’t go through those times.  I learned my lesson and choose my project more carefully now 🙂

A few of the women wrestlers have gotten slammed for stuff like that. Most recently, the former NXT Rookie, Aloisia. What do you think about the whole take on women’s wrestling going “dirty”. Some of these women are young girls rome-odels.

Everyone has a story, everyone has their secrets.  There are a ton of gals who have been employed by WWE or TNA that have done some things they wish they hadn’t.  It’s life and the way I see it is if they are no longer doing it so what??  I mean you can’t punish someone for something they did WAY before becoming your employer.  What if Aloisia’s story could impact in a positive way a co worker or a fan??  You never know.  I wonder if you did a full background check on every talent and office personal you would find more than a few girls who have done some naughty pics or whatev, makes you think 🙂

Do you think going nude is a bad thing or a form of art?
Depends how it is done.

Now, some people see you as dark, and scary. But, honestly Shelly, you are gorgeous! Are you in any kind of relationship right now?

I sure am.  I waited over 3 years to commit myself to someone because I decided to be alone rather than settle for someone who is totally wrong for me.  He is the only man that ever made me feel like a woman.  His love for me allowed me to become aware certain feelings and let go of a lot of baggage.  He was the beginning of me finding self worth.

Can you tell the fans a little more about this ‘Skittles’ photoshoot you were talking about on your Twitter?
Skittles??  The candy??  Or do you mean my Sprinkles project 🙂  In short, I will have featured on
shellymartinez.coma super hero web series that is full of sexy campiness and action packed!!  RVD has shot with us and this weekend ODB!!

Thank you for your time Shelly! Is there anything you want to say to your fans, or your haters?
Dream on, dream until your dream comes true!!

Nows, this “Sprinkles” project Shelly was talking about (I got it right!), is like she said, a mini-action/hero series, we’ll keep you posted on the release date of the series, for now, you can watch the promo here.

Lilian Garcia wants more time for the WWE Divas

19 08 2010

Lilian Garcia spoke to Monday Night Mayhem earlier this week, looking back on her WWE career.

One interesting question was regarding the Divas. Lilian says:

I always wished the Divas had more time on the show, because a lot of times, they get one match on the show. I see them working so hard, and they live & breathe this business just has much as the guys do. It depends on the writing, and the storylines, and ratings, and all of that. I could say that I wish they had more time, but I’m also partial to them too. I think it’s a great job they do week in & week out, and it’s not easy to write all these storylines & all these different ideas. I think the WWE does a good job on that, but of course personally, I would love to see more of the Divas going against each other.

Lilian also discusses why she decided to leave WWE nearly one year ago and what she misses about the company:

There’s nothing like having that one-on-one interaction with them: every time we’re out there, being able to hi-five & hug people. It’s just an amazing feeling. I miss some of the travel, I’m not crazy about all of the travel. Some of the places we went to were a lot of fun, especially when went overseas. I love Europe, and I love to experience different cultures, so I would definitely take advantage of the sightseeing. What I don’t miss is the airports & the hauling of the luggage. That kind of stuff wears on you, and when you do it ten years straight, it does wear on you. That’s why I have a lot of respect for all of the Superstars, because I didn’t have the grueling schedule that they would had of 300+ days a year, so I have respect for those who can do it and be away from their families. I really missed being away from my family, and that was one of the decision I made. When my contract was up, I was like do I sign on for a new contract, or do I really want to take the time to be with my family & my new husband, and I just made that decision that it was time.

Lance Storm on Dawn Marie & The Divas Division

13 08 2010

Lance Storm was recently asked some questions on his site – . It was rather interesting to see what he thinks about the Women’s Division today. He also spoke about Dawn Marie‘s wrestling and her valeting. Take a look!

Q: I know from the endorsement that Trish Stratus gave you for your SWA that you helped the women back in 2001-2003. Looking at how far women’s wrestling has fallen in WWE today, do you think you could, with a straight face, consistently help the current divas plan 1 minute and 40 second title matches?

A: I think the problem is bigger than just helping these girls plan matches. I think in many cases (certainly not all) the current women’s roster is not as talented and the office is booking them a lot less credibly, so just helping them put better matches together is not the problem, and if it were Fit Finlay is still with the company, he can do every bit as good of a job as I can at it and quite probably far better.

Q: Did Dawn Marie ever give you personality/promo tips when you were paired together and vice versa? Would she have been a viable wrestler? I don’t recall her in too many matches, outside of the ‘catfights’.

A: She did not attempt to give me promo tips at any point. As for her as a viable wrestler I guess it depends on the time frame; by today’s standards certainly but during the Trish Stratus era probably not. Dawn was best as a valet; she was AWESOME on so many levels. That was her calling in this business and she was often underutilized in that role

In my opinion, Dawn Marie was a good wrestler. I agree with Lance that she was underutilized as a valet/manager, but also as a wrestler. Even back then during what he dubbed as the Trish Stratus era, she was a veteran. She pulled out decent matches with girls with limited abilities. You can look back at her matches with Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, and Michelle McCool. These girls were as wrestlers say very “green‘. They were rookies. To be able to get into the ring and work with them and furthermore, push them as workers took  a lot of effort from Dawn.  She wasn’t considered a female wrestler.

To go off into the wild blue yonder with the WWE  Women’s Division is another story. The women today are a different breed of lady wrestlers.  Very few come from the independent scene.  Most of them are WWE grown. The problem may lay within that. However, you have cases of Michelle McCool who is a very good wrestler. She came out of the productions of WWE developmentals. I think the issues deal with time constraints and  monetary issues rather than wrestling talent. I think the time frame of matches really hurts all the girls.  In very short matches, you tend to have to hurry through the moves and botches are more evident. Longer matches, some botches are forgotten as the competitors bounce back.

What do you guys think?