WWE Superstars LIVE Coverage – Part 2/2: Melina vs. Alicia Fox

15 10 2010

The two divas come out.

Quick Note: Alicia Fox NEEDS to get a new entrance.

Just tuned in, Alicia has the upperhand but Melina locks in Alicia in the ropes.. Impressive by Melina! Reversal also by Melina.. Maxine gets involved and cause Melina a minor injury. Alicia pushes Melina back in the ring. A pin by Alicia.. Kick-out by Melina at 2. Alicia with the “rib-breaking” kicks.

Alicia keeps stepping on Melina’s hair (oh no she didn’t!) and keeps brutally kicking her. Here comes our girl Melina! Her famous tribal scream and she’s back and better than ever! Double knee to the back of the head and here we go.. Oh wait. What’s this.. Shoot! Faceplant and pin by Alicia. MELINA KICKS OUT. Some kind of reversal by Melina (didn’t see it, it was so quick!) and a very flexible pin by Melina. Melina wins!

Post-Match: Melina celebrates while Maxine and Alicia sulk.

**And that is your WWE Superstars live coverage. Tune into tomorrow for Full Results and Media.**


WWE Superstars LIVE Coverage – Part 1/2: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

15 10 2010

For the first match, former tag-team and dance partners Kelly Kelly and Layla faced off tonight on WWE Superstars. Amazing match! Definetly worth watching! Both of these ladies have extreme talent.. And I’m glad to see Layla in a singles instead of a tag-team.

Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

“Holla! Holla!” Kelly Kelly comes out with Natalya to her theme, Layla comes out with Michelle McCool to her theme as well. “Flawless!”

Quick Note: All of the Diva’s look gorgeous tonight! Kelly Kelly and Michelle especially.

Shortish match up.. the two square off, Kelly coming off the top rope, but a release from Layla. Looks like that broke some ribs. Layla with a pin-up and a kick out by Kelly. Layla with a neckbreaker and a kick to the back. Layla grabs Kelly by the hair and puts her in a leglock. Kelly’s fighting to stay in, Layla pinches Kelly’s nose and Kelly attacks her. She’s still locked in though. Kelly with a release and… never mind. A kick down by Layla.

Quick Note: Is anyone else loving this singles action? They should do this more often!

Come on Kelly! Her “tribal” scream as she repeatedly slams Lay into the mat. Shit! A pin by Layla.. and a count-out. Kelly goes for the pin after a slam and.. very close count. Kick-out by Lay. Layla is imitating Natalya and her “beard”. Layla locks in the sharpshooter and is too distracted with taunting Natalya, that Kelly gets out. Natalya chokes Layla on the rope and Kelly rolls up Lay for the three count.

TNA ‘Bound for Glory’ LIVE Coverage

11 10 2010

“HARDCORE COUNTRY!” – Mickie is the first Knockout out in the ring. She’s the special guest referee. The crowd loves her! Tara and Madison Rayne make their way out to the ring… riding Tara’s bike. What else?

Last but not least, my favorites! The Beautiful People Velvet Sky and Angelina Love make their way out in gorgeous outfits.

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WWE Hell in a Cell – LIVE COVERAGE

4 10 2010

Go to WrestlingNewsWorld.com for LIVE HIAC Coverage this time.

Full results will be up tomorrow.

LIVE ‘Night of Champions’ Coverage

20 09 2010

WWE Night of Champions is Broadcasting live from Illinois.

The Diva’s match’ll be up soon. Stay tuned.

Dolph Ziggler (/w Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero) vs. Kofi Kingston
  • Vickie comes out and announces her “boyfriend” Dolph Ziggler, and gives Kaitlyn an evil look.
  • Mid-match: Dolph gets thrown out of the ring and Kaitlyn goes to save him. Vickie shoots her a glare and Kaitlyn backs off.
  • Kaitlyn is gone and Vickie is standing by Dolph’s side like a real boyfriend.
  • Vickie smacks Kofi across the face and Dolph yells at her for doing so. Uh-oh! Why don’t they just break-up already?
  • Dolph wins and Vickie seems angry… She then turns around and hugs him. Dolph puts the belt on Vickie and they hug again and celebrate.

Championship Unification Lumberjill Match: Melina vs. Michelle McCool
  • The Divas and Women’s Championship match is up next!
  • Here come the Lumberjills; Bellas, Layla, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Maryse, Rosa, etc. You get it.
  • Here comes Michelle in a “Flawless” red hoody. Uh-oh… Layla looks pissed.
  • Melina coes out.. Michelle MCCool gets right into the match.. and attacks Melina. Match starts.
  • Melina takes the upperhand… Ah! There goes Melina… right off the top-rope by Michelle. Looks like she hurt her knee.
  • Michelle goes for the pin.. Melina kicks out at 2.
  • Michelle keeps kicking Melina down.
  • Alicia Fox is really getting into this match.. Alright, headlock by Michelle. Will she tap out?
  • All the lumberjills are attacking Michelle and Layla attacks Melina.
  • Michelle goes for the pin and 1…2…3! Michelle wins! Michelle is the Unified Diva’s champion!
  • Ooh.. Facebreaker coming up. Melina reverses it and gives Michelle a faceplant into the mat.
  • Natalya gets involved and goes after Michelle.. Meanwhile, while the ref is getting rid of her, Melina goes to pin Michelle and the ref doesn’t see it until Michelle kicks out.
  • Melina goes for a neckbreaker and gets riled up.. Primal Scream!
  • Melina and Michelle brawl on the top rope.. Oh.. Oh no! Tumbling off the top rope!

Post Match: Lay-Cool are “re-united” and they hug it out.. I can’t wait to see what’ll happen on Smack!Down this week. Sad to see Melina upset though. She really deserves it. Layla and Michelle are the “mean girls” again and the Lumberjills comfort Melina in the ring. Nothing like friends!

**Don’t forget… FULL results & media will be up tomorrow!

    WWE NXT: Divas Edition – Discussion

    8 09 2010

    Welcome to the Debut of WWE NXT: Divas Edition

    Get your WWE NXT Divas fix by tuning in to NXT tonight at 9/10 CT on SyFy.

    Discuss the show in the comments!

    SummerSlam PPV: Instant Reaction & Match Analysis

    16 08 2010

    WWE Divas Championship Match
    Alicia Fox (c) vs. Melina

    Alicia Fox is the first woman out to the ring to almost no reaction, like pretty much almost all other women’s matches these days. Melina is out next, and she gets a much more favorable reaction, although she’s wearing a pretty goofy costume to the ring.

    The bell rings, and both women stare each other down. They lock up and Melina is able to back Fox up into the corner. Another lock up and this time Fox locks in a headlock. Fox utilizes a headlock takeover and grounds her by holding on to said headlock. Melina is able to fight up to her feet and into the ropes to break the hold. Fox pushes Melina off and Melina responds with a single leg takedown. Melina puts Fox in between the second and third rope and comes down on her with a double knee drop.

    Fox charges Melina and ends up driven face first into the mat. Fox charge Melina into the corner and Melina jumps up and over, looking to injure her knee, but she stops selling it pretty immediately with a big kick to Fox’s face. Fox works on Melina’s arm with a big knee drop to the shoulder before locking in an arm bar. Melina fights back up to her feet, but Fox is able to send her into the corner. Fox charges and she eats a boot to the stomach. a quick roll up leads to a one count for Melina. Melina hits Fox with a couple of strikes, screams, and hits a double knees to Fox’s back before connecting with a big facebuster. Melina covers Fox, and gets the three count.

    Winner and NEW WWE Diva’s Champion: Melina