Oct. 14, 2010 – TNA Tales – Woww!

15 10 2010

Last night on TNA was a huge night! Not only because there was an appearance by Jersey Shore star J-Woww, but all of the Knockouts segment’s were very good! All I can say is… “Woww!”

Backstage Segment: J-Woww

The moment those MTV fans have been waiting for! J-Woww has arrived at the Impact Zone in a shiney white BMW.

In-Ring Segment: Madison Rayne and Tara

Madison Rayne comes out with a referee. We see footage from Bound for Glory when Tara won the Knockouts Title.

Madison has a microphone and she says that last Sunday night was the biggest night in professional wrestling. It was the biggest pay per view of the year and she had a plan. That plan involved her becoming the three time TNA Knockouts Champion. That didn’t happen because her title is around the waist of Tara. The same Tara who has her to thank for getting her job back in TNA. She demands that Tara come back to the ring and give her what she deserves . . . a Knockouts Title Match right now.

Tara’s music plays and she comes out to the ring.

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Oct. 7, 2010 – TNA Tales: A Night of Debuts

8 10 2010

Well last night we expected and TNA delivered, with the Biggest PPV of the TNA calendar on Sunday and TNA providing the fans with a special Live episode of iMPACT dubbed ‘Before the Glory’ any how that’s get to the action.

In the early stages of TNA iMPACT we had a very awkward situation erupting before our eyes it seemed as though resident freak Abyss had taken TNA President Dixie Carter hostage. In what was portrayed as high-octane, high pace situation involving the President of TNA.

Backstage before any action took place involving the TNA Knockous on iMPACT tonight, a car pulls up outside of the arena and a female seemly to be in the driver’s seat, but who? Non other than multi-time Women’s Champion Mickie James.

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Sep. 30, 2010 – TNA Tales: Who are the real ‘Beautiful People’?

1 10 2010

Backstage Segment

The Beautiful People, Madison Rayne, Tara, and Lacey Von Erich are in a conference room. Ms. Tessmacher is leading the discussion. Lots of shouting before order is gained. Tessmacher asks if Rayne has the waiver that will allow Tara to get into the ring. More shouting ensues. It is announced that there will be a Fatal Four-Way match between Rayne, Tara, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky at BFG for the Knockouts Championship. Shouting starts up again until security clears the room. Tessmacher gets a call from someone who wants to see her in 20 minutes.

No Media this week due to the fact that the Knockouts only got about 3 seconds on-air.

Sep. 23, 2010 – TNA Tales – A Brutal Beatdown

24 09 2010

We go backstage to the women’s dressing room as Angelina Love & Velvet Sky are getting their makeup done, and Lacey Von Erich strolls in, pulls a chair up behind them, and sulks. Velvet asks Lacey if she’s okay, and Lacey says no, she’s really mad over Madison Rayne getting Tara to beat her ass. She kicks her chair over and stalks off. Velvet said she’s never seen her even the tiniest bit pissed before.

Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich are shown backstage walking.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Taylor Wilde & Hamada vs Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich

Lacey and Taylor start, Lacey gets an armdrag but Taylor comes back with an ankle pick and a side headlock takeover. Lacey sends Taylor into the ropes and manages to drop down and hiptoss Taylor, then hiptosses and armdrages Hamada. Lacey tags Velvet (who is already in the ring) and she cranks the arm of Hamada, who rolls out and plants a running boot right in the chest of Velvet. Hamada gets a slam but misses the moonsault and Velvet capitalizes with a diving dropkick to Hamada. Taylor tags in and exchanges pinning combinations with Velvet, but Velvet gets the advantage and drops a few elbows on Taylor before tagging Lacey back in. Taylor kicks her legs out from under her and gets a running dropkick to Lacey. Hamada gets tagged in and they hit a double suplex for a two count. Hamada nails an enziguiri and a cradle suplex for only a two count. Taylor gets tagged back in and flattens Lacey out with a clothesline, but Lacey whips Taylor to the corner and tries to go up and mount her, falls off, does it again, and does a bad Frankensteiner. Velvet and Hamada come in and brawl and wind up out on the floor, and then Madison Rayne runs in and nails Lacey with the motorcycle helmet, and Taylor takes advantage of it and hits a spinning kick and covers Lacey for the win.

Angelina comes running out and stares angrily after Madison Rayne as Velvet checks on Lacey.

Backstage, Christy Hemme catches up with EV2.0. She notices that “the boys are back in town.” Tommy says that he forgot who he was, but these guys helped remind him, and Dixie Carter made a Lethal Lockdown match at Bound For Glory, and Sabu will face AJ Styles later tonight to decide who gets the advantage.

TNA iMPACT Media: Photos

TNA Tales – Sep. 16, 2010 – They’re Back!

17 09 2010

Last night on TNA iMpact, the Knockouts had a Tag Team match. Lacey Von Erich actually wrestled last night! As well as a few Knockouts we haven’t seen in a while; Hamada and Taylor Wilde. Here are the results:

Backstage, Madison Rayne tells Lacey Von Erich to get dressed because the two of them have a Knockouts Tag Team title match. Lacey doesn’t seem to be sure about teaming with Rayne as she hasn’t made her decision as in who she’s siding with in this feud. Rayne isn’t going to hear it and demands her to get dressed before leaving with Tara.

**In the video below, you have to fast forward to ‘3:30’ to see the Knockout’s segment.

Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich w/ Tara vs. Taylor Wilde and Hamada – TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship match

Rayne is shouting orders at Lacey when she is in the ring with Wilde. Hamada tags herself in and gets a nearfall with a sunset flip. Rayne gets in and boots Hamada in the face. Back handspring elbow by Lacey. She goes for a second one but Hamada moves out the way. LVE is dropped to the mat and Hamada hits a top-rope moonsault. Lacey kicks out.

Double-team suplex by Rayne and Von Erich to Wilde. Wilde gets Hamada in and Hamada brings the boot to Lacey. Wilde gets in, knocks Rayne off the apron, and hits a double-team Samoan drop/neckbreaker move with Hamada to LVE. Then Hamada with the pin for the win.

After the match, Rayne is chastising Lacey. Lacey shoves Rayne but Tara comes in and hits Lacey with the motorcycle helmet. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky rush out sending Tara and Rayne to the outside.

TNAWrestling.com Media: Photos

Sep. 2, 2010 – TNA Tales: Mysterious Biker Girl uncovered

3 09 2010

We start off the night with a Knockouts segment! And what a Knockouts segment it was:

Madison Rayne and the biker ride out to the Beautiful People’s music despite the announcer announcing Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. After Rayne tells the biker to take off the helmet (leaving a mask on), Love and Sky appear on the ramp.

Ladies start fighting on the outside. Biker is sent into the guardrail by TBP. Rayne is in the ring and trapped between her former stablemates. Rayne tries to plead her case but Love and Sky want no part of it. Before Sky could hit Rayne with the tickler (weapon), the biker makes the save and the match officially starts. Love and Sky are in control of the match. Double-team suplex to Rayne. The biker uses the motorcycle helmet to hit Sky in the back and Rayne gets the pin. Love gets hit with the helmet after the match as well.

Winner: Madison Rayne and Mystery Biker via pinfall

The mask is taken off to reveal Tara as the biker. Mike Tenay remarks that we haven’t seen her on TV since she lost to Rayne.

Photos from the match are not up yet, they will be posted when they are.

Aug, 26, 2010: TNA Tales – Best Friends for Never?

27 08 2010

The newly reunited Angelina Love and Velvet Sky made their way through the backstage area…

The original Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, made their Beautiful People entrance.

Angelina said true friendships were hard to come by, and something was missing since the two of them went separate ways. Velvet said they should let bygones be bygones so they can dominate the Knockouts Division once again.

The Beautiful People music played again and this time, Madison Rayne and the “unknown” biker made their way into the ring. Madison said if she wasn’t such a lady, she would barf in the middle of the ring…

Madison said nobody would use her music or refer to themselves as The Beautiful People besides her. She called Velvet and Angelina “silicone whores.” She then referred to Velvet as “my little bitch.” The four started brawling. Security broke it up, just not well…   (source)

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