Jamie Keyes Released from WWE

13 10 2010

It is being reported via PWInsider that Jamie Keyes, real name Brittany Beede, has been released from her WWE contract about a week after being the first cut from this season’s NXT.

Coincidentally, Jamie has been removed from the FCW roster page also.

Jamie tweeted the following after being eliminated:

I want to wish everyone with the WWE and the WWE universe for all of your support and kind words through my journey! I was honored to be a part of this amazing organization, and I will see you all again in the very near future. As one door closes, another one opens!:). I love you all

Our thoughts go out to Jamie and Diva-Adikt.com wish her high success in the future.

UPDATE: Jamie recently tweeted the following after knowledge of her Release became public.

Thank u for all the support!I’m not going anywhere tho..I will be rising to the top in a different way, bc I’m still sexy, strong, and unstoppable! See it, believe it, achieve it!!:)


In Video: JWoww does TNA iMPACT

13 10 2010

While TNA Wrestling is riding the waves of Mainstream Publicity they seen to want to bleed it dry, serving us all a taster of The Jersey Shore does TNA iMPACT, As we reported earlier JWoww (Jenni Farley) did a one-night-only cameo appearance taking on Snooki Look-alike Cookie (Becky Bayless) in an impromptu Cat Fight at one of the latest TNA Television tapings.

With that said TNA Wrestling are looking to lock Farley into a longer- deal with the company. As it is rumroed that they are looking to book a Cookie vs JWoww Pay-per-View Match. That would gain more mainstream publicity due to the MTV Hit Series Jersey Shore currently being a Pop Culture hit and Jersey Shore’s The Situation being on the USA’s verison of Strictly Come Dancing.

In Pictures: JWoww Crosses the Line to TNA

12 10 2010

Last Night ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley “crossed the line” and joined TNA Wrestling for one night, and one night only. Just a few weeks back, TNA debuted their new ‘Shore’ Heel duo (‘Cookie’ and Robbie E).  It was last night that Jenni took on ‘Cookie’ (Becky Bayless) in a Cat Fight very reminicent of the antics of the infamous Jersey Shore’s, Snooki.

The cameo appearance gained alot of mainstream publicity with TMZ.com picking up the story on their website. It is reported that Jenni raked in a cool $15,000 for her one night only appearance but it is rumored that the hierachy in TNA are looking to lock her into a longer deal with the company. (Source)

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Oct. 11, 2010 – RAW Revelations: A Brutal Beatdown

12 10 2010

I think tonight, all of the Divas on the roster are actually used. Although, there wasn’t actually a real match. Figures. Here are your Raw Revelations.

Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse vs. R-Truth w/ Eve

Maryse and Ted Dibiase are already in the ring, Eve comes out and dance down to the ring.

Quick Note: Is anyone else sick of Eve dancing? I mean.. I love her, but I find it extremely annoying.

The match starts and R-Truth blows by Ted, Truth fights back, avoids a couple of attacks and hits a leg lariat for 2. DiBiase fights out of a headlock and hits a clothesline before going on the attack with rights for a 1 count. Stiff kick to the ribs. DiBiase doesn’t have his Million Dollar Championship tonight. A back breaker gets 2 for DiBiase, but he runs into a boot by Truth in the corner. Couple of clotheslines by Truth, followed up by a snap powerslam for 2. Sitout suplex gets 2 for Truth. Truth comes off the ropes into a spinebuster from DiBiase for 2. Ted sets for Dream Street but here’s Golddust and Aksana. Truth gets a roll up for 2! The Lie Detector connects and it’s over!

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Jim Ross on Women’s Wrestling

12 10 2010

Last night on Twitter, former WWE commentator Jim Ross spoke a few words about the Women of Wrestling and Tag-Teams.

Are women in wrestling important components in the process? Seems like ‘not really’ unfortunately. Doesn’t have 2 be that way.

He is absolutely right. Atleast he (being a WWE Hall of Famer) notes how women get treated in the business. He also replied to a couple of fans saying the following:

While the perception of Divas is low, tag team wrestling is running a close second.

Heard of Shimmer but haven’t watched any of it. My point is that women wrestling can have more equity than it currently carries.

So what does the TNA rtg do with their women, go from a 1.3 to a 1.4? Most women’s bouts are unfortunately deemed as filler.

Nattie Neidhart is one of my favorite in ring talents. I’d love to see her in a physical 10-15 min match.

He ends his night on Twitter with this note:

Here’s the pt, tv wrestling would be more fun to watch if the women & tag teams meant more. Its doable. What about that do some not ‘get?’

It’s good to see that people are actually acknowledging the fact that the women in WWE need to be treated better.


TNA iMPACT Spoilers (14th October)

12 10 2010

The Spoilers for TNA iMPACT featuring a very special guest Appearance by Jersey Shore favorite JWoww.

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Preview: Unified Divas Championship Match

12 10 2010

Following weeks of verbal and physical jabs courtesy of self-professed “co-Unified Divas Champions” Lay-Cool, Natalya will no doubt seek retribution against the taunting tandem – and capture their butterfly-emblazoned title – at WWE Bragging Rights.

Natalya last collided with WWE’s Mean Girls at Hell in a Cell, where Layla threw a shoe at the third-generation competitor to intentionally disqualify defending Unified Divas Champion Michelle McCool. Although Layla technically cost her “BFF” the match, she also rescued Michelle from submitting to Natalya’s excruciating Sharpshooter – a maneuver she added to her repertoire as a tribute to her uncle, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart.

As the first female graduate of the Hart Dungeon, Natalya has never backed down from a fight, and while one might think Lay-Cool’s constant bullying would be discouraging, Michelle & Layla’s torment has only bolstered Natalya’s desire to win her first championship in WWE.

As stipulated by SmackDown Special Consultant Vickie Guerrero, either Michelle or Layla can defend the title. But regardless of who is actually competing in the match, the WWE Universe – and more importantly, the challenger herself – can expect both members of Lay-Cool to play a role.

Will the first-ever Unified Divas Champions rack up another “flawless” victory? Or will a Sharpshooter earn Natalya her first championship win this time around? To find out, tune in to WWE Bragging Rights, Oct. 24, only on pay-per-view