TNA Knockout vs. WWE Diva for the first time

27 07 2010

It has been announced that on October 1st at Northeast Wrestling’s 15th Anniversary show that will take place in Waterbury, Connecticut, former WWE Diva and Women’s Champion Mickie James will face former TNA Knockout and Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong in a one-on-one encounter. This will be the first time ever that these two have competed in a match against each other.


Awesome Kong on a Possible WWE Debut & More

14 07 2010

Amazing Kong discusses: Thoughts on Joining WWE, The WWE Hall of Famers Supporting a Possible Debut, One Reason She’s Not In WWE Now, The Bubba The Love Sponge Incident, Assumptions People Made About It, The Outpouring of Support From Fans Following Her TNA Departure, People Tweeting Dixie Carter To Bring Her Back, Returning To TNA, Her Original Gimmick Plans For Wrestling Prior To Her Debut, The Her Chemistry With Hamada, The Reality Show That Jumpstarted Her Wrestling Career, The Support and Influence of Chyna on Her Career, What She Focused On During Her TNA Debut, Her Extensive Charity Work, Joining Lucha Libre USA, The Awesome Kong Name Change, Why Fans Relate To Her, The WWE Diva Fans Want To See Her Wrestle, Hulk Hogan, Booker T, Mick Foley, The Rock, and More

As all the Fans of the Website know we are avid fans and loyal members to the #WeSupportKong Hash-tag on twitter, so we are gagging for Awesome Kong to join WWE and are hoping that there is an amicable liking for both parties to come to a conclusion and for Kong to make strides into the WWE.

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Awesome Kong Speaks…………

14 05 2010

Busted Open satellite radio show with Awesome Kong
Hosts: Dave LaGreca and Doug Mortman
Airs Mondays and Wednesdays on Sirius 126 and XM 243 from 2-4 EST

The Difference in Pay For Men and Women in TNA: “Wrestling does appear to be a man’s sport and in true tradition, women are traditionally not paid as much as their male counterparts. It (the payscale) is out of whack. Thats why instead of staying, I think everyone should come to a happy workplace and not to poison or be a bad egg, just leave the scene altogether and find something else.”

Working For Ring of Honor: “I’m not officially with the company yet, this is like a one night stand type of deal. I have a lot of unfinished business before I can officially join ROH and that is something that I am open to. They take wrestling here very serious…..I would definitely be interested.”

Her Beef With Bubba the Love Sponge: “There are things that happened backstage that should remain backstage. That’s why going on the program and speaking on what had happened, I shouldn’t have done that. I should have just kept it backstage. What happens backstage remains backstage and thats how it should be.

“He took it out on the radio. That drew me out a bit and I should know better. I’ve been in this business, I know this business, I respect this business, he doesn’t. People in our business can’t allow other people who don’t understand our business that because he wants to be a worker so bad and no one wants to play with him, people allow their friends to get away with things like that.

“The product definitely has changed, and since I am a wrestler, and this is pro wrestling for me, I took myself out of that particular product….of that equation, especially since it didn’t make sense monetarily.”

Awesome Kong on TNA & A WWE Debut??

4 05 2010
Former TNA Knockout Awesome Kong was a guest on the Monday Night Mayhem Radio show this week. Here are the highlights from the interview, courtesy of The Mayhem’s official correspondent, Paterson From New Jersey:Leaving TNA: “The transition has been great. I’ve been taking better care of my body and easing up on the wrestling & my schedule a bit, and I have the opportunity to pick & choose when & where I work, so that has been fabulous. I’m also going back to basics, and going back to Japan this week, and just reinventing & bringing back a more aggressive Kong.”

How TNA Changed During Her Time There: “Well, there were some differences towards the end. They have offered to leave the door open should I want to come back, and that is something I’m also open to. Just right now, I came to this before all the changes happened. People think that because I left right when the changes happened, that I left because of the changes, and that’s not really so. This was gradually coming on, and I my body needed a break, and I just needed to regroup and figure out exactly how I wanted my character to go & the direction I wanted it to go. It’s (TNA) definitely a different product in the little that I have watched. The X-Division isn’t has prominent as it used to be, and that was one of the reasons I came to TNA. When I was Japan, the X-Division DVD’s were like crack on streets. That has changed a bit. So I’d like to see that come back full force. They’re trying new things, and I wish them well, and hopefully the things they are trying works out for them.”

How the Knockouts Division Changed During her Time in TNA: “When I first came to TNA, there was an ambiance that everyone was a team. Backstage, everyone supported one another, we were all together as one, and we worked together as one to grow as a company. Everyone was putting in back-breaking work & putting in their all, because we were depending on one another to make something big happen. I think when things started to get bigger, I guess people got comfortable. I won’t say cocky, but maybe a little comfortable, and the fire wasn’t there anymore. People just got comfortable where they were or discouraged & stagnant.”

Her Role in the TNA Locker Room: “I’ve heard idle reports about the locker room musings. When I was there, things like that didn’t go on. Not to say people didn’t have disagreements, but when I was there/if something came up, I would usually step in & be a mediator for whatever was going on, because we would like to keep a harmonious vibe in the locker room. It’s very important to come to a happy workplace, so when I was there, I did my best to make sure everyone was emotionally safe & physically safe in the ring … These reports that I’m hearing, they may be true, and I’ve heard things have changed since I left. The air there has changed; it’s a different air from when I first arrived that.”

Going to WWE: “Their product is a bit different, and I don’t fit the ‘diva model’ per say. I do believe that if I was there, I would back them a lot of money. They have some of the most creative minds in professional wrestling, and I believe if they choose to pick me up, that everyone would make money all around.”

“KONG2WWE” Update – Two WWE Hall of Famers & Current TNA Knockout want Kong in WWE

25 04 2010

WWE Hall of Famers, Jim Ross and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin have tweeted their desire to see Awesome Kong in WWE. Kong met both the legends last week at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion in Las Vegas.

JR writes: “Met Awesome Kong @ CAC. What an opponent for Beth Phoenix or Nattie Neidhart, among other Divas, in WWE. Nice heater 4 vickie guerrero.”

Meanwhile, Austin, in a tweet to Kong wrote: “If WWE has any brains they will hire you immediately…GOOD LUCK!!!”

If those aren’t ringing endorsements from two of the industry’s most successful stars then I don’t know what is. Whether or not WWE takes heed and tries to sign her is another question.

 While Here at Diva-Adikt we are currently running a “KONG2WWE” Campaign and are looking for your support, so if you have Twitter please follow us and start uitilising “#KONG2WWE” Hash-Tag and make it trend, We are looking for other Wrestling Proffesionals ie WWE Divas/Superstars & their TNA Wrestling Counterparts Support on their thoughts and feelings on “Should Awesome Kong Join WWE?”

When Asked a Few Weeks ago by our Brother Site, TNA’s Tara (Lisa Marie Varon) gave her view point on the matter. When they asked her;

@tnalisamarie do you think @awesomekong would make a good addition to the #WWE Womens Division? #Kong2WWE

TNA’s Tara (Lisa Marie Varon) Responded;

tnalisamarie: @WrestlingAdikt Absolutely. She is the Best. She is what drew me to TNA

So here at Diva-Adikt are asking WWE to Sign the best in Womens Wrestling, Please Sign Awesome Kong, IMMEDIATELY!!

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Stone Cold Steve Austin Mentions Awesome Kong

25 04 2010

 Both “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and former TNA wrestler Awesome Kong were on hand for the Cauliflower Alley Club’s annual get together this past week. On Twitter, Kong tweeted Austin, saying it was a pleasure to meet him.

 “Stone Cold” replied, “you too kong!! keep up the great work..if WWE has any brains they will hire you immediately…GOOD LUCK!!”

If you want Kong to join WWE join our “KONG2WWE” Campaign and get #KONG2WWE trending on Twitter.

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