Smackdown vs. RAW 2011: Roster Reveal

9 09 2010


Last night, WWE held it’s second annual Smackdown vs. RAW roster reveal. The list of WWE Divas who made the cut is below.

WWE Divas:
Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella

What would SDvR be without the complete team of Lay-Cool? Well, Layla was added… but she was not a part of the main game.


Beth Phoenix Injury Update

8 09 2010

On Twitter, Beth Phoenix updated fans on her injury progress from a torn ACL, writing:

 “I don’t have a return date yet but my progress is better than expected thanks to all the great support and hard work of FCW training staff!!”

Everyone here at are happy to hear that Beth is ahead of schedule in regards to her injury. We hope that she will soon be back inside a WWE Ring and fighting for that Unified Championship.


DIVA-ADIKT Exclusive – Diva Dolls!

30 08 2010

The WWE Divas have their own Dolls!

Mattell made Action Figures of Former WWE Divas Mickie James and current WWE Divas  Beth Phoenix and Melina.

Mickie and Beth look pretty similar to themselves, but Melina doesn’t. Also, Beth also comes in 2! You can buy the ‘Royal Rumble Series’ and the ‘Two-Pack Series’ with former partner Santino Marella.

WWE Mattell Series Action Figures: Mickie | Melina | Beth | Beth and Santino

Beth Phoenix Injury Update

28 06 2010

WWE Diva Beth Phoenix posted the following on her Twitter account:

Approaching 6 weeks. Going to be focusing on some new training techniques. Making my ring offense more dangerous n hard hitting than ever.

I’m very glad to see that Beth is doing okay. I’m kind of missing the Glamazon in action; We’ll keep you posted on her injury status.

Beth Phoenix: On her Injury

17 05 2010

Beth Phoenix has taken the time to inform us all about her torn ACL injury. Here’s what she had to say:

Two weeks ago on Superstars, I had a match against new SmackDown Diva, Rosa Mendes. During the course of the match I was able to reverse an Irish Whip into the corner and counter Rosa with an Up and Over maneuver where I jump out of the turnbuckle, over her and show her what The Glamazon is made of. However, when I landed, feet side by side, as I have thousands of times over the course of my career, my left knee buckled to the side and I heard a very distinctive, “Crunch.”

My first instinct was to retain the WWE Women’s Championship at all costs and found the opportunity to dodge Rosa’s attack and get the pinfall victory. However, as I tried to stand to get my hand raised, I could tell something was definitely not right.

I was immediately examined by our WWE medical staff whom decided it would be a good idea to get things checked via an MRI. As I sat in the doctor’s office, waiting for the results, all I could think about was the WWE Women’s Championship and how I was not about to let anything get in the way of working to bring prestige to the title that I cherish so dearly.

Then I received the devastating news. My injury was much worse than I would let myself believe. The doctor explained that I had a generous bone bruise, torn and displaced Meniscus, sprained my MCL and had completely torn my ACL. The prognosis from him … surgery.

After I politely (and by politely I mean I smashed a few instruments in his office) explained that I could not and would not be able to have surgery because I have a title to defend … the doctor said … there are options to keep working, but the long-term damage would be substantial.

I said tape it up, brace it up, and let’s keep going. Besides, SmackDown will be coming to Buffalo, N.Y., this week, my HOME TOWN! I knew nothing would make me feel better than wrestling in front of my friends, family and WWE Universe in the city where I call home.

So I showed up to SmackDown this week, Glamabusiness as usual. The line-up for SmackDown included a rematch with Rosa Mendes. I felt that this was an opportunity to give her a proper welcome to SmackDown (and a little payback for that slap to the face). However, Vickie Guerrero decided that the timing was right to pull one of her executive power moves. It seems that, conveniently, Michelle McCool had decided to invoke her championship rematch clause at that very moment.

This is a great example of why Michelle and Layla choose their allies wisely. With Vickie’s power in their back pocket, Laycool doesn’t have to play by the rules. They make their own. And to make matters worse, Vickie made this one … a Handicap Match. I honestly was not surprised, but also, not about to be intimidated by their antics.

The WWE Universe in Buffalo fought right along side of me with their support. I did my best to take on both of my attackers. However, one misstep and I ended up knocking heads with Michelle which put me out long enough for Layla to score the pin. It was a heart breaking moment for me when I looked up and saw them celebrating in the ring.

After the match, I was encouraged, again, that surgery really is the only option. I demanded a second opinion. The second doctor told me more of the same. “Surgery now is the best option.”

So its with a heavy heart that I must inform the WWE Universe that I will be going in for surgery this Tuesday at the Dr. Andrews Medical Clinic. I will be keeping you all updated. I would like to say thank you to everyone that has given me the strength to keep fighting my battles. This one is just a tiny bump in the road.

I am reminded of advice that Howard Finkel gave me when I broke my jaw years ago, and that he reiterated to me after this injury. “Beth, just focus on these three words … ‘Better Than Ever.’”

As for the new WWE Women’s Champion, Layla, I hope that her bond with Michelle and Vickie is strong because, as the saying goes …”There’s no honor amongst thieves.”

I honestly hope that LayCool enjoys their victory and life on SmackDown without The Glamazon … because in a very short while, I will be back. Healed. Better than Ever. And very … VERY … ANGRY.

NEW WWE Womens Champion Crowned at Extreme Rules

26 04 2010

Glamazon Wins

After a really suprisingly awesome Extreme Makeover match up, Beth Phoenix defeats Michelle McCool with a Glam Slam to become the new (and now three time) Women’s champion! Check out the live coverage and quick sum up of the match from Gerweck below.

Michelle McCool with some big uppercuts to Beth Phoenix early on. Phoenix with a close roll up for a two count on McCool. Phoenix with a diving attack off the top rope on McCool and then levels McCool with an elbow on the outside. Layla tried to interfere using a broom and Phoenix pushes her away. McCool sprays some hair spray in the face of Phoenix and tosses an ironing board in the ring. McCool hits Phoenix repeatedly with the iron board. McCool applies a body scissors on Phoenix. Jerry Lawler just said Vickie Guerrero is wearing some really nice mom jeans. McCool with kicks to the body of Phoenix. McCool puts the ironing board across the chest of Phoenix and kicks it into the chest of Phoenix. Phoenix is able to send McCool back first into a table full of female makeup products. McCool tries to use some more hair spray on Phoenix and ends up spraying it in the face of Layla and Vickie. Phoenix grabs a bucket and hits McCool with it in the ring. Phoenix plants the ironing board near the corner and puts McCool up top. Layla and Vickie use a mop and broom to kick Phoenix away who falls backwards onto the ironing board. That was the single strangest thing I’ve seen in WWE all year. Phoenix is able to rebound hitting the Glam Slam on McCool for the win.

Winner & NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

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Smackdown Coverage – 4.23.10

24 04 2010

Just 48-hours before Extreme Rules, LayCool takes on Beth Phoenix and Mickie James in a tag-team match.

As Beth Phoenix was busy knocking Women’s Champion Michelle McCool from the ring, Layla hit an earth-shattering neckbreaker to triumph over Mickie James. Afterward, Team Lay-Cool mercilessly attacked and humiliated The Glamazon, ramming her into an ironing board before smearing lipstick all over her face.

Who will get swept away in their “Extreme Makeover Match” this Sunday at Extreme Rules? presents you with those photos and videos, while I will show you the LIVE Candids I took on Tuesday night.


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