Sep. 2, 2010 – TNA Tales: Mysterious Biker Girl uncovered

3 09 2010

We start off the night with a Knockouts segment! And what a Knockouts segment it was:

Madison Rayne and the biker ride out to the Beautiful People’s music despite the announcer announcing Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. After Rayne tells the biker to take off the helmet (leaving a mask on), Love and Sky appear on the ramp.

Ladies start fighting on the outside. Biker is sent into the guardrail by TBP. Rayne is in the ring and trapped between her former stablemates. Rayne tries to plead her case but Love and Sky want no part of it. Before Sky could hit Rayne with the tickler (weapon), the biker makes the save and the match officially starts. Love and Sky are in control of the match. Double-team suplex to Rayne. The biker uses the motorcycle helmet to hit Sky in the back and Rayne gets the pin. Love gets hit with the helmet after the match as well.

Winner: Madison Rayne and Mystery Biker via pinfall

The mask is taken off to reveal Tara as the biker. Mike Tenay remarks that we haven’t seen her on TV since she lost to Rayne.

Photos from the match are not up yet, they will be posted when they are.


Aug, 26, 2010: TNA Tales – Best Friends for Never?

27 08 2010

The newly reunited Angelina Love and Velvet Sky made their way through the backstage area…

The original Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, made their Beautiful People entrance.

Angelina said true friendships were hard to come by, and something was missing since the two of them went separate ways. Velvet said they should let bygones be bygones so they can dominate the Knockouts Division once again.

The Beautiful People music played again and this time, Madison Rayne and the “unknown” biker made their way into the ring. Madison said if she wasn’t such a lady, she would barf in the middle of the ring…

Madison said nobody would use her music or refer to themselves as The Beautiful People besides her. She called Velvet and Angelina “silicone whores.” She then referred to Velvet as “my little bitch.” The four started brawling. Security broke it up, just not well…   (source)

TNA iMPACT Media: Photos

TNA Tales – The Beautiful People Reunion?

20 08 2010

Angelina Love is backstage with Christy Hemme. Madison Rayne is asking for her rematch tonight. Love knows Rayne will have her mystery biker around but Love isn’t a five-time champ for nothing. She plans on having her own backup tonight.

Match #3: Madison Rayne w/ Mystery Biker vs. Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky – TNA Knockouts Championship match

Rayne enters the arena on the bike with the biker. Love comes out and introduces Sky as her reinforcement. Rayne isn’t pleased. The match hasn’t even started but the ladies are brawling outside. Rayne slams Sky into the ring steps. Love tries to rip the helmet off the biker. We finally get in the ring and Rayne has the advantage. Love’s head is placed in between Rayne’s legs and Rayne drives Love’s head into the mat repeatedly. Rayne drives her knee into Love’s face before Love counters with a jawbreaker. Front slam from Angelina. The biker lady gets involved by grabbing Love’s foot. Sky attacks the biker. Rayne turns his attention to Sky and then eats the Botox Injection from Love. Your winner is Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Love and Sky celebrate in the ring but then Rayne and the biker attack them. Rayne screams that the belt is hers.

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