TNA ‘Bound for Glory’ LIVE Coverage

11 10 2010

“HARDCORE COUNTRY!” – Mickie is the first Knockout out in the ring. She’s the special guest referee. The crowd loves her! Tara and Madison Rayne make their way out to the ring… riding Tara’s bike. What else?

Last but not least, my favorites! The Beautiful People Velvet Sky and Angelina Love make their way out in gorgeous outfits.

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Sep. 23, 2010 – TNA Tales – A Brutal Beatdown

24 09 2010

We go backstage to the women’s dressing room as Angelina Love & Velvet Sky are getting their makeup done, and Lacey Von Erich strolls in, pulls a chair up behind them, and sulks. Velvet asks Lacey if she’s okay, and Lacey says no, she’s really mad over Madison Rayne getting Tara to beat her ass. She kicks her chair over and stalks off. Velvet said she’s never seen her even the tiniest bit pissed before.

Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich are shown backstage walking.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Taylor Wilde & Hamada vs Velvet Sky & Lacey Von Erich

Lacey and Taylor start, Lacey gets an armdrag but Taylor comes back with an ankle pick and a side headlock takeover. Lacey sends Taylor into the ropes and manages to drop down and hiptoss Taylor, then hiptosses and armdrages Hamada. Lacey tags Velvet (who is already in the ring) and she cranks the arm of Hamada, who rolls out and plants a running boot right in the chest of Velvet. Hamada gets a slam but misses the moonsault and Velvet capitalizes with a diving dropkick to Hamada. Taylor tags in and exchanges pinning combinations with Velvet, but Velvet gets the advantage and drops a few elbows on Taylor before tagging Lacey back in. Taylor kicks her legs out from under her and gets a running dropkick to Lacey. Hamada gets tagged in and they hit a double suplex for a two count. Hamada nails an enziguiri and a cradle suplex for only a two count. Taylor gets tagged back in and flattens Lacey out with a clothesline, but Lacey whips Taylor to the corner and tries to go up and mount her, falls off, does it again, and does a bad Frankensteiner. Velvet and Hamada come in and brawl and wind up out on the floor, and then Madison Rayne runs in and nails Lacey with the motorcycle helmet, and Taylor takes advantage of it and hits a spinning kick and covers Lacey for the win.

Angelina comes running out and stares angrily after Madison Rayne as Velvet checks on Lacey.

Backstage, Christy Hemme catches up with EV2.0. She notices that “the boys are back in town.” Tommy says that he forgot who he was, but these guys helped remind him, and Dixie Carter made a Lethal Lockdown match at Bound For Glory, and Sabu will face AJ Styles later tonight to decide who gets the advantage.

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New TNA Knockouts Pay-Per-View

23 09 2010

Below is a preview to the brand new TNA Knockout  PPV called ‘Mad Sexy: Volume 1’. Christy Hemme will host as they look back at some of the TNA Knockouts matches from the past.

This pay-per-view will air on October 1st.

TNA Tales – The Beautiful People Reunion?

20 08 2010

Angelina Love is backstage with Christy Hemme. Madison Rayne is asking for her rematch tonight. Love knows Rayne will have her mystery biker around but Love isn’t a five-time champ for nothing. She plans on having her own backup tonight.

Match #3: Madison Rayne w/ Mystery Biker vs. Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky – TNA Knockouts Championship match

Rayne enters the arena on the bike with the biker. Love comes out and introduces Sky as her reinforcement. Rayne isn’t pleased. The match hasn’t even started but the ladies are brawling outside. Rayne slams Sky into the ring steps. Love tries to rip the helmet off the biker. We finally get in the ring and Rayne has the advantage. Love’s head is placed in between Rayne’s legs and Rayne drives Love’s head into the mat repeatedly. Rayne drives her knee into Love’s face before Love counters with a jawbreaker. Front slam from Angelina. The biker lady gets involved by grabbing Love’s foot. Sky attacks the biker. Rayne turns his attention to Sky and then eats the Botox Injection from Love. Your winner is Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.

Love and Sky celebrate in the ring but then Rayne and the biker attack them. Rayne screams that the belt is hers.

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TNA iMPACT Results – Who is the Biker Girl?

23 07 2010

Backstage Segment: Sarita and Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky and Lacey von Erich

We go backstage to Sarita and Madison Rayne, who are laughing over the beating Sarita handed Taylor Wilde, and then Madison starts making fun of Velvet Sky, but Velvet just happens to walk in with Lacey. Velvet gets in Madison’s face and Lacey tries to calm them down, and they both tell her to shut up. They keep fighting and Lacey keeps trying to get them to make up, and they keep telling her to shut up until finally Madison and Sarita walk out.

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