Dawn Marie Medical Condition

17 08 2010

Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie Psaltis posted on her Twitter this morning this:

A few have asked how my Dr apt. went Well, they think something is wrong with my thyroid. They took blood test. Lets see what is going on!

I hope nothing too serious is going on, and the Diva-Adikt team wishes her a bright get well.


Lance Storm on Dawn Marie & The Divas Division

13 08 2010

Lance Storm was recently asked some questions on his site – www.stormwrestling.com . It was rather interesting to see what he thinks about the Women’s Division today. He also spoke about Dawn Marie‘s wrestling and her valeting. Take a look!

Q: I know from the endorsement that Trish Stratus gave you for your SWA that you helped the women back in 2001-2003. Looking at how far women’s wrestling has fallen in WWE today, do you think you could, with a straight face, consistently help the current divas plan 1 minute and 40 second title matches?

A: I think the problem is bigger than just helping these girls plan matches. I think in many cases (certainly not all) the current women’s roster is not as talented and the office is booking them a lot less credibly, so just helping them put better matches together is not the problem, and if it were Fit Finlay is still with the company, he can do every bit as good of a job as I can at it and quite probably far better.

Q: Did Dawn Marie ever give you personality/promo tips when you were paired together and vice versa? Would she have been a viable wrestler? I don’t recall her in too many matches, outside of the ‘catfights’.

A: She did not attempt to give me promo tips at any point. As for her as a viable wrestler I guess it depends on the time frame; by today’s standards certainly but during the Trish Stratus era probably not. Dawn was best as a valet; she was AWESOME on so many levels. That was her calling in this business and she was often underutilized in that role

In my opinion, Dawn Marie was a good wrestler. I agree with Lance that she was underutilized as a valet/manager, but also as a wrestler. Even back then during what he dubbed as the Trish Stratus era, she was a veteran. She pulled out decent matches with girls with limited abilities. You can look back at her matches with Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, and Michelle McCool. These girls were as wrestlers say very “green‘. They were rookies. To be able to get into the ring and work with them and furthermore, push them as workers took  a lot of effort from Dawn.  She wasn’t considered a female wrestler.

To go off into the wild blue yonder with the WWE  Women’s Division is another story. The women today are a different breed of lady wrestlers.  Very few come from the independent scene.  Most of them are WWE grown. The problem may lay within that. However, you have cases of Michelle McCool who is a very good wrestler. She came out of the productions of WWE developmentals. I think the issues deal with time constraints and  monetary issues rather than wrestling talent. I think the time frame of matches really hurts all the girls.  In very short matches, you tend to have to hurry through the moves and botches are more evident. Longer matches, some botches are forgotten as the competitors bounce back.

What do you guys think?

Missy Hyatt defends Dawn Marie

29 07 2010

Missy Hyatt, “The First Lady of Wrestling” posted the following on her MySpace blog:

I hate how so many people jumped on the band wagon that Dawn is a fraud before they ever allowed her a forum to defend herself. I’m a personal friend of Dawn, so naturally I will defend her. People who are bashing Dawn forget to realize the expense of legal fees, corporation fees, phones, & misc. to maintain a charity . Guess who swallowed any losses & upstart fees to Wrestlers Rescue? DAWN!!!! What ever profits that trickled in with ebay sales, auctions, went in to some holding account. I know for a fact that Steve Williams was sent approximately $5000.00 to help off set mounting medical expenses prior to his untimely death. I know an additional $2000 was donated in conjunction from the Cauliflower Alley Club.
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Dawn Marie Responds to Corruption Reports

28 07 2010

Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie issued the following press release in response to allegations that have surfaced regarding corruption as it relates to the Wrestler’s Rescue charity.

On behalf of myself, the Wrestlers’ Rescue organization, and the many volunteers and donors, I’d like to strenuously deny and condemn the false and baseless defamatory statements currently circulating concerning an alleged investigation and or corruption in Wrestlers’ Rescue. Not only are the accusations false they contain no merit and they are disrespectful to the volunteers who have invested their time, energies, and hearts into helping former professional wrestlers in need.

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Dawn Marie admits to using Steroids

26 07 2010

Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie Psaltis admitted to using steroids in her time with WWE in a profile piece on the chairman of RAW, Vince McMahon

Dawn Marie Damatta, who performed with WWE from 2002 to 2005 and whose profile is still on the company website, said she has used steroids during the course of her wrestling career, which began in the late-1990s.

“I chose to take that shortcut,” Damatta said. “Did Vince tell me to take that shortcut? No. Did WWE? No. Why did I do it? Because I thought that’s what I needed to do in order to keep up . . . There was no testing policy.”

She said it is clear just from looking at the physiques of today’s WWE talent that steroid use is not as prevalent as it used to be. And she believes the drug-testing policy is also reducing the abuse of drugs such as painkillers and saving lives.

Damatta said she likes and respects Linda and Vince but believes they could do more to assist former talent.

“Wrestlers are taken as children, thrown into this industry and then we’re dumped back out as adults. There’s no learning in the world. We’re on the road, traveling, hustling, getting beat up,” Damatta said. “Where do I go? What do I put on a resume?”