Oct. 11, 2010 – RAW Revelations: A Brutal Beatdown

12 10 2010

I think tonight, all of the Divas on the roster are actually used. Although, there wasn’t actually a real match. Figures. Here are your Raw Revelations.

Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse vs. R-Truth w/ Eve

Maryse and Ted Dibiase are already in the ring, Eve comes out and dance down to the ring.

Quick Note: Is anyone else sick of Eve dancing? I mean.. I love her, but I find it extremely annoying.

The match starts and R-Truth blows by Ted, Truth fights back, avoids a couple of attacks and hits a leg lariat for 2. DiBiase fights out of a headlock and hits a clothesline before going on the attack with rights for a 1 count. Stiff kick to the ribs. DiBiase doesn’t have his Million Dollar Championship tonight. A back breaker gets 2 for DiBiase, but he runs into a boot by Truth in the corner. Couple of clotheslines by Truth, followed up by a snap powerslam for 2. Sitout suplex gets 2 for Truth. Truth comes off the ropes into a spinebuster from DiBiase for 2. Ted sets for Dream Street but here’s Golddust and Aksana. Truth gets a roll up for 2! The Lie Detector connects and it’s over!

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Sep. 27, 2010 – RAW Revelations: And Your #1 Contender is…

30 09 2010

Pre Match: Divas are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Divas Battle Royal for the #1 Contender

Uh-oh! “Your not enough for me!” LayCool is here! They come to the ring to join Jerry Lawler and Cole.

Tamina tries to eliminate Natalya but Melina makes the save. Gail and Eve go after Alicia. Tamina gets Melina up and she is eliminated. Tamina is sent to the apron but Maryse sends Gail to the apron as well. Gail returns to the ring and she goes after Maryse. Tamina kicks Gail but Gail tries for a rana but Tamina holds on and drops Gail on the top rope and eliminates her. Eve and Tamina battle while Maryse is close to being eliminated. Tamina is eliminated by Eve. Tamina tries to eliminate Eve but Maryse pulls her in and the referee pulls Tamina away.

The Bellas send Jillian into Alicia and then they send them to the apron. The Bellas try for a double baseball slide and go to the floor to eliminate themselves. Maryse is eliminated by Eve. Alicia kicks Eve to the apron and the floor. We are down to Alicia, Natalya, and Jillian. They hit a double suplex on Natalya. Natalya holds on to the ropes and she stays on the apron. Jillian kicks Alicia but Alicia eliminates her. Alicia kicks Natalya on the apron but Alicia cannot eliminate her. Natalya with a back body drop to eliminate Alicia.

Winner: Natalya

Post Match: Michelle and Layla act afraid of Natalya in the ring. Natalya celebrates. Can’t wait to see her wrestle again!

Backstage Segment

Maryse is in the back and she talks about how Eve cost her the battle royal. Ted blames Maryse for the loss last week. Maryse and Ted argue and there is a knock on the door. Ted opens the door and nobody is there, but there is a note on the floor. Maryse opens the envelope and she reads it in French. Ted tells her to read it in English. “Next week, you will be mine.” it says. Maryse leaves in anger.

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Raw Revelations – Raw Roulette, What a load of Crunk

14 09 2010

Last Week we had a Championship Match between Melina and Alicia Fox which came of the heels of the Announcement of the ‘Unification’ Match on Sunday at Night of Champions. We had expected a little more from the final Monday Night Raw before the Pay-per-View.

So on this weekly Episode of Monday Night Raw we are treated to a ‘Themed Night’ of Raw Roulette, Which in all honestly I expected WWE to throw a Curve Ball into the mix, with a possible Divas Trade with the extremely poor Divas Division over on Smackdown. To say I was disappointed is an understatement with the Divas relegated to Spinning duties and only one tangible match, involving the Divas.

So with that said we were ’Treated’ to a mixed tag team match. Which was made up of R-Truth and Eve Torres versus Maryse & Ted DiBiase. Maryse looked absolutely fabulous silver attire, while Eve came out her little purple number, utilised so, so many times. Well, I find my-self questioning why get all dressed up for Song and Dance contest? In Case you find yourself asking if you read that right, Unfortunately you did, a Song and Dance Contest, On a (insert bad word here, beginning with W) Entertainment show.

Anyway, With Eve being a former professional dancer prior to WWE and R-Truth being a pro-rapper the odds are vastly stacked in Eve and Truth’s favour. They got this contest in the bag. With R-Truth debuting his Brand New ’Crunk’ Ring-Song and Eve’s ever so boring booty popping and violent vibrating midsection. I think, Are we really going to see a ’Unification’ Match this Sunday?

With DiBiase and his ‘Million Dollar Beauty’ Maryse going old-school with a rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ which was utterly retarded. While Maryse attempts to dance somewhat of a Swan Lake routine at his side. It’s completely ludicrous in nature makes it funny. In my opinion, with this obviously being one of the many ’Comedy’ moments of this Episode! However, it seems as though the crowd on this occasion were in favour of the Bad Rapping and booty popping of Eve Torres and R-Truth.

However before a Decision can be made, The Million Dollar Couple decide they’ve had quite enough of Singing and Dancing they attack their opponents, Which lead me to ponder. why didn’t they just do that in the first place? Well, nobody ever said wrestling was logical. (Especially on MNR?) Eve and Truth overcame, the onslaught of the Heel duo and with Eve delivering a hefty slap to DiBiase after taking Maryse Out.

The Dance of then continued with Eve Torres and R-Truth and as ‘The Miz’ would say …… Awesome (NOT L )

With Night of Champions is only six days away, will we be treated to Real Women’s Wrestling or a Desecration of a Unification?

Smackdown vs. RAW 2011: Roster Reveal

9 09 2010


Last night, WWE held it’s second annual Smackdown vs. RAW roster reveal. The list of WWE Divas who made the cut is below.

WWE Divas:
Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Brie Bella
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella

What would SDvR be without the complete team of Lay-Cool? Well, Layla was added… but she was not a part of the main game.

Raw Revelations: A ‘Flawless’ Offer of UNITY

31 08 2010

Well last week Michelle McCool and Layla we our whistle and set the Wrestling Internet World on frenzy with the announcement of their ‘offer’ Last Night we found out what their proposal was and we are delighted that it is of a Match at Night of Champions to Unify the WWE Women’s and WWE Divas Championships to prove whom is the ‘Top Diva’ in WWE.

To start we are shown a quick video-package of Melina successfully defended her Diva’s Championship. She then comes out with Eve Torres to a massive pop, to take on the team of Lay-Cool! Who are already in the ring showing the Crowd and themselves that they are Simply Flawless. Melina and Michelle start off in the ring and Melina gets the early offence in with punches and forearm blows to Michelle.

Melina quickly goes back on the offensive but Michelle grabs Melina and plants her face to the Mat and goes in for a quick pin attempt which only achieves a two count. After a near fall Michelle tags in her co-hort Layla. Layla tosses Melina around the ring for a while, Eve on the ring apron tries to pump-up the crowd. With Melina still slightly dazed from the hair-pull throw by Layla. The Divas Champion pushes the Official Women’s Champion Layla into her so called ‘Flawless’ team mate, knocking her of the apron.

During the melee and with a confused Layla, Melina quickly rolls Layla up for the three count.

After the Match, Michelle gets on the microphone, and says Melina’s victory is like her, forgettable. Michelle then goes on to say that they want to take Melina on at Night of Champions, and unify the WWE Diva’s Championship and WWE Women’s Championships! To prove whom WWE’s Top Diva.

Melina then goes on to say, that she came prepared and accepts! ONLY, if the match is a Lumberjack match! Lay-Cool accepts, and afterwards, all the divas come out, with Melina smiling.

WWE unifying their Women’s and Diva’s Championships intrigues me, and hopefully every other diva fan. It is no secret that the women’s division is on the verge of collapsing in on its self. With three workers released recently, one suspended, and one on the injury list.

This could be the best thing for the Divas, if correctly created . For instance, one division with Lay-Cool, Beth Phoenix, Melina, Gail Kim, Maryse, Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly, and Jillian could be entertaining but only if it is done with a strong division at the core. – with a few new additions.

Check back next Tuesday, for another Raw Revelations .

New WWE.com Photoshoot: Eve – “Bikini Clad”

30 08 2010

A new WWE.com Photoshoot is out of the runner-up for the ‘Divas Championship’ Eve.

She is one of the few divas that have released a photoshoot from their trip to Hawaii. She looks stunning, this is by far the best of hers. Relaxed, soaking up the sun and laying in the water… What a life!

You can view the photoshoot below. Also, don’t forget to rate it. “Sizzle” or “Fizzle”?

WWE.com Photoshoot: Eve – “Bikini Clad”

Raw Revelations: Jillian’s Second Push, or Just Luck?

17 08 2010

With Melina coming off a massive win at Summerslam and re-capturing the Divas Championship in an epic match versus then Divas Champion Alicia Fox after months on the Sidelines due to injury. So on the first match after Summerslam we are treated to a three on three Divas Tag-Team Bout.

 Before the Break we see the new Divas’ Champion, Melina, along with her partners for tonight, Gail Kim and Eve Torres, are shown walking to the ring backstage.

We come back from the commercial break, and we are shown match recap from the Divas Championship match at Summerslam. Melina’s music blares through the arena, and the new Divas’ Champion, Melina, and her partners, Gail and Eve are out to the ring first. All the face Divas receive a rapturous applause from the Los Angeles crowd with Melina being a LA Native. They all look great, and are ready for tonight’s match. Read the rest of this entry »