Interview with Former NXT Rookie

14 10 2010

Not going to get into too much, but I had the chance to interview former NXT rookie Aloisia last night. It wasn’t really an interview, more like a “mini” interview I guess. The total time is about 4 minutes.

We talk about her time with NXT, the Rookies, future projects, etc.

UPDATE: Audio player isn’t working.. so, I’ll link to my blog, by clicking below, you can listen.



Confirmed: Isis the Amazon is WWE Bound

31 08 2010

We can now confirm our earlier report that WWE has signed Isis the Amazon to a WWE Developmental Deal.

Isis the Amazon stands at 6′ 9” tall and has undergone a Weeks evaluation at the companies Developmental Territory Florida Championship Wrestling.

Isis joins the FCW Ranks along with current FCW Divas Champion Naomi Night as well as recent signings Christina Crawford (Alicia Foxs’ Sister) and Ricki Vaughn as WWE’s newly acquired female talent.

It is truly a landmark signing Isis is most definately not the ‘Average Diva’ at the Stature of 6′ 9” Isis is Isis’ unique appearance will no doubt set her apart from all the other Divas in WWE as she stands around the same height as The Great Khali and just shorter than The Big Show.

We here at are proud that WWE is slowly choosing to Diversify it’s choice in Divas.

Isis the Amazon Pictured at FCW – Has she Signed with WWE?

13 08 2010

A picture has surfaced online of independent wrestler, Isis the Amazon at Florida Championship Wrestling. The picture was posted by FCW referee Daniel Skyler on his Twitter page.

Isis is 6’9″ tall and resides in the Miami area.

Read into it what you will. We are not suggesting that she has been signed, but interesting nonetheless.

(IMAGE CREDIT: Daniel Skyler on Twitter)

Would you like Isis to join the ranks of the WWE Divas, If so Please discuss in the Comments Box Below.