Oct. 12, 2010 – NXT XTRA: The Golden Proposal

13 10 2010

Big Thank’s to WrestlingInc.com for the results:

Cue the opening and we are welcomed to Portland. Matt Stryker welcomes the remaining ladies to the ring.In a surprising development Matt is wearing a sweater vest. Matt congratulates the ladies for surviving the first elimination and we begin a new set of challenges.

Challenge #1: Name that Tune.
The girls will hear a tune and can blast a horn to give their answer as we play snippets of WWE theme songs. Each correct answer gives the contestant 100 points. A.J. gets the first 2, Naomi gets number 3, A.J. gets the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth tune. Now the songs are worth 200 points. A.J. gets tune 1, tune 2, tune 3, tune 4, and misses tune 5.
A.J. wins the worst segment in wrestling history. At least it is the worst since NXT last week and mercifully we head to a break.

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Oct. 8, 2010 – Smackdown Snippets: A LoveSick Affair

9 10 2010

Last night on Smack!Down, was a singles match (You heard right! No tag-team!) between Layla and Kelly Kelly. Let’s just say… this match proved why Layla is at the top of the roster, and Kelly Kelly isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great fight between both of them.

Also, Vickie Guerrero got escorted ringside for Dolph Zigglers match with MVP. It’s hard to tell who he really “loves”. He’s got such a pokerface, it’s impossible!

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Oct. 5, 2010 – NXT XTRA: Losing the “Keyes”

7 10 2010

Last night on WWE NXT, one of the 6 Rookie Divas got voted off, and we FINALLY had our match between Kaitlyn and Vickie Guerrero:

Someone gets eliminated tonight, but which one of the six will it be? What will happen when Kaitlyn meets her pro in the ring?

Matt Striker is on the stage and he brings out the six rookies. Matt reminds them that this is the biggest night of their careers because the WWE Universe and the pros will determine which one of them will no longer be a part of the competition. Matt reminds AJ that she has won three competitions and is closer to immunity. Kaitlyn, Naomi, and Jamie can still get immunity.

Mechanical Bull Ride

It is time for the first challenge and it is time to get the mechanical bull out for a Mechanical Bull Riding Competition. The person who stays on the bull the longest will win the competition. Matt wants someone to demonstrate so the Bellas volunteer. They ride first and it is on super slow. Then it speeds up and they are finally thrown from the mechanical bull.

Naomi is first and her time is 12.5 seconds. The next rookie is Aksana and her time 17.9 seconds so she in lead. AJ is the next to mount the mechanical monster and after commiserating with Kaitlyn before donning Kurt Angle’s cowboy hat. AJ with a time of 9.6 seconds. Jamie is the next one to go and her time is 10.9 seconds. Maxine gets to be on top . . . of the bull and she lasts 9.8 seconds. Kaitlyn is the final one to challenge the bull and she ends up with 10 seconds.

Aksana get her first win in competition and then she will face Maxine in the ring.

We are back and Did You Know that a lot of children are going to do the Wrestlemania Reading Challenge?

We see footage from last night when Goldust was revealed as the one who left the messages for Ted DiBiase and Maryse because he wants the Million Dollar Belt.

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The NXT Report – The First Elimination

6 10 2010

Welcome to the Weekly PBP report of WWE NXT Divas Edition, To read the following report and to avoid our UK Readers getting wind of the results we have concealed them below, NXT XTRA will be up soon. WWE NXT aired for the first time last night Exclusively on WWE.com. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep. 28, 2010 – NXT XTRA: Wrestling or Reality TV? You choose!

30 09 2010

Matt Striker brings out the Divas who join the pros on the stage.

Wheelbarrow Challenge

Matt says that being a diva means having athleticism and poise. This week’s challenge is a wheelbarrow challenge. They need to go around the ring once and the Diva with the fastest time wins.

Maxine goes first, but before she gets to use the wheelbarrow, Matt says that they need to add a challenge. They need to put something big and heavy in the wheelbarrow. Hornswoggle comes out and he will be riding in the wheelbarrow and he has his helmet. Matt warns the rookies that if Hornswoggle falls out of the wheelbarrow, they are disqualified.

Maxine’s time is 14.7 seconds and then Hornswoggle falls out of the wheelbarrow after the line was crossed. Hornswoggle responds to Maxine’s comments by biting her in the rear end. Naomi is next and her time is 15.2 seconds. Jamie is the third competitor and her time is 14.4 seconds. Kaitlyn is next and she tries to ride with Hornswoggle but Matt corrects her. Her time is 12.0 seconds. AJ is the penultimate participant and her time is 17.7 seconds. AJ gives Hornswoggle a hug and Hornswoggle gets a little too happy with the hugging. Aksana is the final participant and her time is 13.9 seconds.

Our winner is Kaitlyn. She gets on Hornswoggle’s shoulders to celebrate and then Kaitlyn hugs Vickie as we go to commercial.

Michael says that he is waiting for NXT Season 3 to be on Classics on Demand.

We go to a video package for AJ. She says that her style is different. She says that she represents the nerds. She says that she didn’t mind staying at home on Saturday nights playing video games. She says that she did not have a lot growing up. She says that they didn’t have a lot but they had each other. AJ says that she always dreamed of being a Diva. She says that she remembered waiting in line for tickets for Wrestlemania in Madison Square Garden. She told her dad that she was going to be in that ring. She says that she is stronger than the other girls and they are not going to get rid of her.

We are finally back and it is time for Josh and Michael to talk about Hell in a Cell. They tell us that the show will be on WWE.com next week at 10:00 PM. We will see the first elimination next week.

It is time to take a look at Kaitlyn. She is from Houston and she says that she played soccer for 13 years. She was in fitness and figure competitions. She finished in the top five in the Arnold Competition. The other rookies cannot do the robot. She wants to be the one who people can laugh with and will push the envelope. She wants people not to be afraid to express themselves. She says that she looks up to Beth Phoenix. Being the next WWE Diva is a huge honor because they are positive role models. Kaitlyn says that she has a lot to learn but she is willing to learn to get to the next level.

It’s time to see what happened at the end of Smackdown when Smackdown last week between Kane and Undertaker.

Matt reminds the rookies that voting starts tomorrow so this could be their last time in the ring.

Diss the Diva

They will have a chance to tell the other Divas why they have what it takes to be the next breakout star.

Aksana goes first and she thanks Matt. She tells everyone to look at her. She blows kisses to the crowd. She say she go to gym every day, does five hundred sit ups, five hundred crunches and then run ten miles. She say she takes care of her body. Aksana says that the others eat pancakes. She asks who is the Arnold Classic winner is. Aksana says she is. She says the other rookies wanna be just like Aksana.

AJ is next and she says that she isn’t going to put the other girls down. She says that she belongs her more than the others. She says that it is time to redefine Diva. You don’t need high heels. They can like video games and comic books. She says that she is a Diva who loves the business. She says that it is about time that the WWE picks AJ.

Kaitlyn is next and she says that before she disses any Diva, she wants to do an impression and she sticks out her butt and Naomi attacks her. She says that even though she fell flat on her butt, she will win Season Three.

Jamie is next. She says that she could talk about how this one is dressed like she is in a circus . . . ON A TRAPEEZE. She can talk about this one who looks and acts like a ten year old on Christmas morning. Jamie says that she knows that she is the best and will win.

Matt reminds the rookies about the concept of the challenge.

Naomi is next and she says that she doesn’t want to diss because her mama told her that if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything. If this is about wrestling and entertainment, she has all of them beat. She knows it, the WWE Universe knows it, and so do the other rookies. Naomi says that Kaitlyn was talking about her in a confessional but we know that the only reason why Kaitlyn won was because Naomi messed up. She says that Vickie almost had a better time than Kaitlyn did. She says that Kaitlyn is too cocky and too arrogant. She tells Kaitlyn to say it to her face next time.

Maxine is the final rookie to diss and she says that she is sick and tired of the typical Diva. They are all the same. So overly perky and nice. They smile when they lose. She asks everyone what can you do with a nice girl? Take her home to mom and bake cookies. She says that is so boring. She says that nice girls can’t get things done in a man’s world.

Winner: AJ

AJ celebrates by hugging and kissing Matt.

Vickie Guerrero rises from her chair and walks to the ring and gives a few ‘Excuse Mes’. Vickie tells Kaitlyn that week after week she tries so hard to make her into a reflection of her. Vickie says that she is a success. She wants the WWE Universe to feel her pain with what she has to deal with.

Kaitlyn says that she has tried her hardest and all Vickie has done is bring her down. The first elimination is around the corner so she might not have another opportunity to do this. She challenges Vickie to a match.

Vickie asks Kaitlyn if she knows who she is dealing with. Vickie accepts and she says that she will show everyone that she is the pro and that Kaitlyn is nothing. Vickie slaps Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn pushes Vickie down. They fight on the mat until Matt separates them.

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Sep. 24, 2010 – Smackdown Snippets: Push for a Push!

25 09 2010

There was no Diva’s match, just short segments.

All we got was the usual appearance from Natalya (who looked gorgeous last night!) as part of the Hart Dynasty when they fought Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.

The other Mini-appearance we had was from Vickie Guerrero and her NXT Rookie Kaitlyn, when they escorted Dolph Ziggler out to the ring and stand ringside. During his match with MVP, at some point, MVP kicks Dolph out of the ring and Kaitlyn rushes to comfort him, Vickie gets extremely mad and pushes Kaitlyn away. Kaitlyn pushes her back and knocks Vickie down. Now Vickie is really pissed.

Kaitlyn exits the ring, leaving them and Dolph tries to explain, Vickie walks out.

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Sep. 21, 2010 – NXT XTRA: Lay-Cool… or Lay-Not?

22 09 2010

They go to a recap of last week’s show before the theme song and accompanying video plays. Josh Matthews welcomes us and reveals that Cole is not here. Matthews tells the viewers they can unmute their TVs because it’s an hour-free Cole session. CM Punk’s music hits and he heads out wearing a brown jacket). Punk is going to be taking Cole’s place on commentary and the comedy begins almost immediately as he rips up a picture of Matthews. “Shut Up, Josh” is the phrase of the day!

Ladies are in the ring with Matt Striker until Vickie Guerrero hits the mic, “Excuse Me!” She wants it known that it is due to her coaching that Kaitlyn was able to be successful last week. Tonight, Kaitlyn takes on Jamie and LayCool is brought out to assist. LayCool runs down the rookies until Kelly Kelly interrupts and wants a six-woman tag match with the “unified divas champions”.

Musical Chairs (Really!?)

Kaitlyn is first to be eliminated. Jamie is second to go. Maxine gets eliminated and she starts to tug at Aksana’s hair before she is sent off. It’s down to Naomi and AJ and Naomi gets eliminated despite being in the chair fully. The ref said AJ sat first before being bumped by Naomi’s posterior.

Aksana gets her spotlight video.

Backstage, Aksana is approached by Goldust. Aksana’s upset because INS is threatening to deport her due to visa issues. Goldust won’t let anything happen to her.

AJ w/ Primo vs. Maxine w/ Alicia Fox

Maxine takes AJ down and bashes her head off the mat. AJ gets sent into the ropes and hits a shoulder block. AJ cartwheels over her and executes an arm drag. AJ nearly whiffs a roundhouse kick. Maxine fights back and sends her into the ropes but AJ knees her in the face. Maxine hits a drop-toe-hold into the ropes and chokes AJ. Maxine applies a chin lock. AJ tries to fight up but Maxine powers her down. Maxine hits a rookie suplex and gets a one count. Punk sarcastically says this is the greatest TV show on earth.

AJ starts fighting back with clotheslines and a dropkick. Maxine hits a Brain-Buster but AJ floats over for the win. What just happened?

Winner by Pinfall: AJ

Michael Cole comes out and says the majority of the people actually want him on this show. I have to agree. Oh my god I never thought I’d write that. Michael Cole says he’s gotten letter and phone calls asking him to return. He had an epiphany: NXT without him is unwatchable. It’s like Bristol Palin trying to dance. NXT without Michael Cole is just simply bad. What a character he could be. He calls his loyal fans the “Cole-Miners”. Cole says he’s back for CM Punk and Josh Mathews. Michael Cole is back on NXT!

Talk the Talk Challenge

Matt Striker is in the ring with the rookie divas again. This is the “Talk the Talk” Challenge. They’ll be given a random topic to talk about and the audience will judge them. Jamie is given the topic of “teeth”. Michael Cole and CM Punk hilariously rip on her during that. Cole asks for his gong and Punk wonders what her promo has to do with molars. Naomi has nothing to say about “toupees” and just wants to wrestle.

AJ is given the topic of “caffeine”. She cuts a solid promo about passion and love of the business. Michael Cole gives her a standing ovation. Aksana’s topic is “llama”. She says “First of all…” and Punk hilariously thought she said “Constable”. She has no idea what a llama is. She doesn’t even know what a camel is. They just buzz her.

Maxine cuts a terrible promo about a “foot”. Michael Cole says it was horrendous. She says she could squash AJ with her thought. Kaitlyn then cuts the worst promo of the night on the topic of “ignition”. She talks about people’s underwear and says nothing. The commentators were hilarious throughout. They’re singlehandedly making this show watchable.

Jamie , Naomi  & Kelly Kelly vs. Lay-Cool & Kaitlyn

Kelly slaps Layla and takes her down with a Thesz Press. Jamie is tagged in and Layla laughs at her before ripping the flower out of her hair. Jamie powers her to the corner and Layla shoves her. Jamie kicks her and hits a body slam. Layla says she’s too good for this and tags in Kaitlyn. Jamie puts her in a headlock. Kaitlyn fights out and spears her down. Kaitlyn misses an elbow drop and Jamie wrenches the arm.

Naomi is tagged in and they fall… or something like that. Michelle McCool is tagged in and she stomps Naomi in the corner. Punk called her “Nadine”. He’s been getting their names wrong all night. Naomi rolls her up for a one count. Naomi hits some nice moves and a wheel kick in the corner. Naomi is the best rookie on the show. McCool eventually comes back with a belly to belly following a distraction from Layla. McCool tags in Kaitlyn to make the pin and Naomi counters for the win.

Winners by Pinfall: Jamie, Naomi  & Kelly Kelly

Kaitlyn pushes Michelle McCool after the match and she’s beat down by Lay-Cool. Vickie Guerrero says she’s sick of Kaitlyn. Punk signs off by saying he’ll be back next week. “This is NXT. For Michael Cole, I’m CM Punk. Shut up Josh!”

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