Luna Vachon: Drug Overdose, Funeral Arrangements, etc.

5 09 2010 reports:

According to the police report filed by the Pasco  County Sheriff’s Office — and obtained by TMZ — investigators claim they found a box containing Oxycodone in Luna’s kitchen … near a pile of “blue, chalky debris next to a small straw.”

Officials also claim they discovered “multiple prescription bottles and miscellaneous unsecured pills” in the master bedroom … along with a small plate that contained more pill residue and another snorting straw.

According to the report, Luna’s mother — the person who discovered the body — told cops that Luna “often appeared ‘medicated’ as she suffered from several wrestling injuries.”

Officials tell TMZ an autopsy has been completed — and an official cause of death should be determined within the next couple of weeks.

The comments on this are absolutely disgusting. Some people have no respect at all. Drug overdose or not.

Funeral services and the spreading of Luna’s ashes will take place at former Andre The Giant’s NC ranch, where his ashes were also spread 17 years ago.

There is no word yet on when this will take place.


A Look in the Past: Luna Vachon

27 08 2010

We’re taking a look at Luna Vachon’s wonderful career as a memory of her life.  Below are some photos from The highest moments in her career.

Here, are some of the best moments from Luna’s career in video:

More Info on Luna Vachon’s Death

27 08 2010

And I quote SlamWrestling here:

Luna Vachon has died. She was 47. According to family, she was at her mother’s house and was found dead this morning. A cause of death has not been determined.

The news comes just a short while after a house fire consumed her home and destroyed her wrestling memorabilia. She was staying at her mother’s home after the fire.

You can read the full article here.

Breaking News: Luna Vachon Passes Away

27 08 2010

News has just recently reached everyone here at of the Passing of former WWE Wrestler Luna Vachon. The following was resently posted on 

World Wrestling Entertainment has been made aware of the passing of Gertrude (Luna) Vachon. WWE extends its deepest condolences to the Vachon family.

Ms. Vachon was under contract with WWE at various times from 1993 through 2000, and performed under the name “Luna” Vachon. She last performed for WWE in early 2000.

Everyone here at passes our Warmest of Condolences to Luna Vachon’s family and loved ones.

Former WWE Diva needs your help

18 08 2010

Mick Foley posted the following on Twitter on August 11th:

Recently found out that Luna Vachon lost all her wrestling memories in a house fire. My next tweet will have an address for helping.

you can send ANYTHING Luna (action figures, magazines,photos,VHS,DVD, etc.) to Luna Vachon PO Box 5813 Spring Hill, Fla 34611 Please retweet

Send any wrestling memorbilias to the adress above. We wish Luna the best rebuilding her life, and we’ll keep you posted.