Oct. 14, 2010 – TNA Tales – Woww!

15 10 2010

Last night on TNA was a huge night! Not only because there was an appearance by Jersey Shore star J-Woww, but all of the Knockouts segment’s were very good! All I can say is… “Woww!”

Backstage Segment: J-Woww

The moment those MTV fans have been waiting for! J-Woww has arrived at the Impact Zone in a shiney white BMW.

In-Ring Segment: Madison Rayne and Tara

Madison Rayne comes out with a referee. We see footage from Bound for Glory when Tara won the Knockouts Title.

Madison has a microphone and she says that last Sunday night was the biggest night in professional wrestling. It was the biggest pay per view of the year and she had a plan. That plan involved her becoming the three time TNA Knockouts Champion. That didn’t happen because her title is around the waist of Tara. The same Tara who has her to thank for getting her job back in TNA. She demands that Tara come back to the ring and give her what she deserves . . . a Knockouts Title Match right now.

Tara’s music plays and she comes out to the ring.

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Diva Shoots: Miss Tessamacher, Natalya, Rosa and more!

4 09 2010

New ‘Diva Shoots’ this week include Miss Tessamacher, Angelina Love, Natalya, Rosa Mendes and Michelle McCool.

TNAWrestling.com posted a beatuiful new photoshoot of one half of the The Beautiful People this week. Angelina’s photoshoot’s are my favorite. She is so beautiful and her outfits are adorable. Hot, or not?

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s niece, Natalya has a brand new ”Hawaiian Beach Bikini” photoshoot over at WWE.com. She looks stunning in a neon pink bikini.

Out of the very little screen time Miss Tessamacher gets, I have to say, she takes gorgeous photoshoots. They always look like she’s in prison. But, still… Who doesn’t love a bad girl?

The gorgeous Rosa Mendes has a brand new “workout” photoshoot. She rocks a yellow and black sweatsuit and is looking slim as ever in it.

Michelle McCool is looking “Flawless” in this Denim photoshoot. Chic, slim and sexy are 3 words to describe her. Check out this photoshoot to get the full effect.

Diva Shoots: Angelina | Natalya | Miss Tessamacher | Rosa | Michelle