ODB Quits TNA Wrestling

14 06 2010

3 Time TNA Knockouts Champion has just posted via her Twitter Site that TNA and herself have parted ways;

thanks tna fans for all the support but tna and odb have parted ways.it was a decision I made.bamm bitches


Twitter/Facebook Watch:- Melina & ODB

14 04 2010

Melina & ODB hit the net about their thoughts on women’s wrestling in both companies and recent events.

In a tweet, Melina had the following to say about her passion and desire to keep women’s wrestling in the WWE alive and like how it was back in the ‘Golden Era’:

Back in the Trish/Lita/Jazz era, the women earned the title and fought for it. It meant so much. Women looked at them and wanted to be as great as them. It shouldn’t be about taking turns on who gets to put in on this week. It should be about who earned it and who brings credibility to it. I still wish it could have been Jillian, Katie or Gail to have that opportunity. All I wanted was to start a new era. To make those women proud to see we were keeping it alive.

I know she’s only expressing her opinion, her hopes, dreams and whatnot, but I hope she doesn’t get into trouble for saying this – it’s not like she was being disrespectful! Anyway, I totally agree with her. The title should be regarded as something you work your career for and the reigns should be lengthy and proper.

Next to hit the net with her feelings about the ‘competition’, TNA, ODB posted the following status on her facebook page:

Just watched from my DVR the Knockouts match. Wow, WTF is happening to our division?


Melina may have worded her feelings in a SLIGHLTY better manner – maybe ODB’s PTFO’d? Again, I hope ODB doesn’t get into trouble for saying this, as she is talented and well, let’s face it, I think everyone who watches TNA is wondering WTF is happening to the whole product, not just the Knockouts division. It’s ashame that a division which boasted supremely talented women who had two or even three matches a night, plus backstage segments!

Moving on to the most important issue, the Knockout Division used to be full of action and actual wrestling. It’s sad, we get ninety gimmicks in matches now. You have talented girls either not shown or wrestling weird matches. C’mon a lockbox match? So riveting. The champion, Tara, loses the Knockout Title without being pinned. Goodness, at least have like a battle royal or some kind of pack challenge match, instead of let’s open a box. Sorry, it’s not impressive. You might as well have Dixie Carter as Knockout Champ.
Like some others have said, I hope you don’t get into trouble with this status. Best of luck ODB. Hope to see you on television in an actual storyline.