Smackdown Snippets; 17th September

18 09 2010

Can you say phew?!

After about two or three weeks of segments, finally this week on smackdown we got some diva’s action! Lay-Cool vs Rosa & Kelly Kelly can be watched below.

Both Kelly and Rosa are out first, and may I say they are both having very good hair days! They’re accompanied by Kelly’s rookie Naomi. They enter the ring as usual, and next out we have Lay-Cool, who are looking especially flawless in their matching black attires. We get a small promo for the Night Of Champions match between Melina and one of Lay-Cool, but when we go back to ringside, Layla and Michelle are picking on Naomi.

Kelly and Rosa grab them from behind and start to beat them up a little before throwing them into the ring. Michelle orders a time out from the ref, as Kelly stands opposite, ready to get started. Michelle turns around to Layla and says, “I can’t do this, she’s killing me!” Layla tells her to breathe, and Michelle sits there breathing in and out. This made me laugh a little, they really can get quite ridiculous. But just as Michelle least expected it, Kelly runs forward and  jumps on her back before knocking Layla off the apron and down to ringside.  The ref then finally rings the bell as Layla gets back up onto the apron.

Kelly kinda’ starts to get a bit mad here. She starts to throw Michelle down onto the apron and screaming whilst hitting her. She throws Michelle into the ring ropes, who then tags Layla and says again “She’s killing me! I can’t do this.” She tells Layla to hold her nose to protect herself from ‘Smelly Kelly’ and Layla and Michelle both turn to take her out, but she counters with a double clothesline. She throws Layla into the turnbuckle and starts kicking her before tagging in Rosa.

Rosa throws her across the ring and tries to irish wip her, but Layla reverses it and Michelle hits her once she hits the ropes. She turns around to Michelle and starts shouting at her in Spanish. She turns around and Layla Kicks her, throwing her down to the ring mat, before distracting the referee so that Michelle can choke her with her boot. Layla goes for the pin but Rosa kicks out, so she puts her into a submission. Rosa starts to elbow her in the stomach in an aid to get her off, but Layla just throws her down again. Rosa tries to crawl over to Kelly for the tag, but Layla pulls her back, and runs forward to Kelly, knocking her off of the apron. Rosa tries to hit her finisher on  Layla but Michelle comes in and kicks her, so she falls.

Layla hits the neckbreaker on Rosa and then gets the 3 count! Even though Lay-Cool were victorious again, I am insanely glad we had a divas match on Smackdown! It was also a nice little build up to Night of Champions. So until next week, bye! (:

Advertisements Photoshoot: Rosa Mendes – Blue Training Gear

10 09 2010

We would come up with  a more creative name, but Rosa already had a photoshoot very similiar to this a few weeks ago.

She is wearing sky blue excercise clothes. She looks gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. But,  I want something new! So… thumbs down for me. Photoshoot – Rosa Mendes: Photos

Diva Shoots: Miss Tessamacher, Natalya, Rosa and more!

4 09 2010

New ‘Diva Shoots’ this week include Miss Tessamacher, Angelina Love, Natalya, Rosa Mendes and Michelle McCool. posted a beatuiful new photoshoot of one half of the The Beautiful People this week. Angelina’s photoshoot’s are my favorite. She is so beautiful and her outfits are adorable. Hot, or not?

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s niece, Natalya has a brand new ”Hawaiian Beach Bikini” photoshoot over at She looks stunning in a neon pink bikini.

Out of the very little screen time Miss Tessamacher gets, I have to say, she takes gorgeous photoshoots. They always look like she’s in prison. But, still… Who doesn’t love a bad girl?

The gorgeous Rosa Mendes has a brand new “workout” photoshoot. She rocks a yellow and black sweatsuit and is looking slim as ever in it.

Michelle McCool is looking “Flawless” in this Denim photoshoot. Chic, slim and sexy are 3 words to describe her. Check out this photoshoot to get the full effect.

Diva Shoots: Angelina | Natalya | Miss Tessamacher | Rosa | Michelle

In Video: HardCORE Moments from ECW

7 08 2010

In honor for TNA’s ECW Themed PPV, HardCORE Justice to air tomorrow night, Live from the iMPACT Zone. Here at Diva-Adikt  I thought I’d bring you flashbacks of a more recent time in ECW’s history – WWE ECW! The likes of Beulah McGillicutty, Lena Yada, Trinity, Ariel (Shelly Martinez), Kelly Kelly, WWE Women’s champion Layla, Nikki & Brie Bella, WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox  Brooke Adams (now Miss Tessmacher in TNA), Rosa Mendes, Tiffany, Natalya and of course, Francine, all made a name for themselves on this brand. We start off our final day with a video of ECW original Francine and the brooding vampiress, Ariel and Kelly Kelly′s debut!

Beulah McGillicutty vs. Bill Alfonso

If you want more HardCORE Moments from the Women of ECW, continue to watch…

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The Smackdown Rewind – 25th June 2010

25 06 2010

This week on Smackdown we had a really short match, considering the amount of people in and outside the ring. The 10 second match can be watched below:

Rosa is shown jumping with a skipping rope in the ring before the “blondtourage” comes in. Normal entrance before Lay-Cool follow them in with Kaval, in his cute pink “property of lay-cool” t-shirt. Lay-cool join Matt and Todd at the announce table and Rosa is still jumping with the rope. The ref tells her to stop, and Kelly looks really confused, before she puts the rope down and the match starts. There’s really practically nothing to write about. Kelly hits the K2 and scores the pinfall. Match done!

Pretty much a waste of diva time if you ask me. Especially with so many people surrounding the ring for no reason. Maybe next week we might get a little more action?