Sarita Injured?

2 08 2010

TNA Knockout, Sarita may be injured according to reports in various lucha libre publications.

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TNA Tales – Number One Contender & Make-Up’s

31 07 2010

In the past few weeks following Victory Road, The Beautiful People haven’t exactly been the best of friends. Velvet Sky is still being as stubborn as an ox while Lacey tries to persuade her to “fix things”. Madison comes in all apologetic and wants to put everything aside since they pretty much run the show with all of the Knockouts gold, but Vel-Vel’s not having any of it. She blames Madison for the whole issue within them and refuses to call a truce while Lacey Von Erich wants the truce too. Velvet claims it’s “too late to apologise” but then decides to be the peacemaker and calls a truce by hugging it out. Lacey quote of the moment: “I’m SO happy!”

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TNA iMPACT Results – Who is the Biker Girl?

23 07 2010

Backstage Segment: Sarita and Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky and Lacey von Erich

We go backstage to Sarita and Madison Rayne, who are laughing over the beating Sarita handed Taylor Wilde, and then Madison starts making fun of Velvet Sky, but Velvet just happens to walk in with Lacey. Velvet gets in Madison’s face and Lacey tries to calm them down, and they both tell her to shut up. They keep fighting and Lacey keeps trying to get them to make up, and they keep telling her to shut up until finally Madison and Sarita walk out.

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