DIVA-ADIKT EXCLUSIVE: The reason why WWE released Serena

24 08 2010

Rumor or not is up to you, but sources from World Wrestling Entertainment are saying the reason for Serena’s release was because she was not “living out” the Straight Edge Society gimmick in public. It may have to do with the storyline in July where Serena was caught at a bar drinking by CM Punk.

The other reason she was supposedly let go was because of behavioral issues. Apparently, Serena has acted up more than once.

So, what do you think? Which one was it?

Alicia talks: WWE releasing Serena was definetly a huge mistake. Serena has a lot of potential, and her training for all these years and only getting one real debut, It really isn’t right.

Serena made her wreslting debut last week on Smackdown. It was a mixed-tag match, Serena and Luke Gallows vs. Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Serena was victorious and debuted successfully.

As of right now, Serena’s release is still a rumor, and hopefully it stays that way. This was a huge mistake.


WWE Diva Released

24 08 2010

WWE has come to terms with the release of WWE Diva & member of the SES, Serena.

This has not been confirmed by WWE yet, and still remains as a rumor. Stay tuned to Diva-Adikt for information on Serena.

Smackdown Snippets; 20th August

20 08 2010

Welcome to this weeks Smackdown Snippets, which will be an eventful one indeed, as this week we finally see the anti-diva and only female member of the Straight Edge Society Serena Deeb, wrestle for the first time! We are treated to a mixed tag team match, with Serena & Luke Gallows facing off against Kelly Kelly & Big show. The match can be watched below!

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Video: House Show Watch: Melbourne, Australia – Serena Wrestles

2 08 2010

Straight Edge Society Diva, Serena saw in-ring action over the weekend according to various house show reports.

Serena teamed with Women’s Champion, Layla in a losing effort to Kelly Kelly and Natalya in Melbourne, Australia yesterday. The finish saw Kelly hit the K2 on Layla for the pin.

Natalya and The Hart Dynasty have been working the Australian tour with the SmackDown brand this past week. As a reminder to readers, as Unified Tag Team Champions, the Dynasty can work both Raw and SmackDown despite their ‘home’ brand being Raw.

On the tour, the Dynasty have primarily been working with the Straight Edge Society.

House Show Watch: Sydney, Australia

1 08 2010

We’d like to give a big thank you to Nick for sending us the following houseshow results from Sydney, Australia! The video above is of the entrances of Layla and Kelly Kelly from last night. Layla used her own theme song (I’ve missed hearing it!) and Kelly Kelly had pyro.

The Hart Dynasty b/ The SES
During the match Natalya powerslamed Joey Mercury and took out Serena which by far got the biggest pop of the night.

Layla d/ Kelly Kelly in a slow, sloppy match
Not a lot of actual wrestling, Kelly came out with a Pyro though. Before the match started, Layla started spraying the deodorant yelling “Smelly Kelly” and doing stupid warm ups until Kelly tripped her. Layla dominated most of the match, Kelly hit the K-2 for a 2 and a half count, Layla then hit the Lay-out for the win.

This match was a tad disappointing, No sign of Michelle or Tiffany unfortunatly.

On a sidenote: Natalya is STUNNING in the real life.

Thank-You Sooooo…… Much Nick


July 12th to July 18th: This Week in Photo(shoots)

19 07 2010

Eve Torres: Enduring Eve

Eve’s new photoshoot is what I like to call ‘The Diva Motto’. It shows that her good looks and her powerful fighting spirit have gotten her where she is today.

The sex appeal that appears in most of the woman’s photoshoots is not here in this one, some like it, some don’t, but I mark her down for not having it.

I have never really been a huge fan of Eve but she definitely does not seem conceited like Maryse.

Rating: *** (3 stars)

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The Wacky World of Marcella: WWE Over The Limit Coverage

24 05 2010

Welcome to the wacky world of Marcella!

It’s Over the Limit!

We get treated with Maryse vs. Eve Torres (c)  for the Diva’s title !

Nothing important right now as people with bad hair are on. :/

We see Serena backstage with CM Punk & Luke Gallows. They hugged Punk.

We see a promo for the match of CM Punk & Rey Mysterio. Serena is chatting much shit there.

Oh ho oh, CM Punk has no Serena. 😉

Now since CM Punk lost,  The Straight Edge Society comes. They are pissy. Serena wants to mangle someone. Oops, Kane helps out Mysterio. Bless, someone is going bald. He’s bleeding like a goat. Serena has a towel. SHAVE HIS CHEST! 😉 Serena covers his head. Rey scares Serena away. Now she comes back to cover the Savior’s head. Masked Man & Serena help the Straight Edge Leader.

NATALYA helps The Hart Dynasty out as they need guidance!  😉

Ooh, Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith have been teaming since they were TEN! Natalya trips Jericho as the referee  is distracted. The Hart Dynasty retains the belt. Natalya  prances with the two titles.

OH YAYA! Orton does his greatness pose. I shall mark out now.

EXCUSE ME! SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH RANDY ORTON! His shoulder/forearm is DEAD! OMG! We hope it’s not ugly-fied. He was coiled ready to strike, but he stopped ‘cos his arm went WEIRD!

Eve Torres (c) vs. Maryse  for Diva’s Title.

Maryse comes out in a sexy new attire. This match is for the WWE Diva’s Championship.  Eve comes out wearing a gold & white outfit. It reminds me of a Greek style attire.  Marc & I love Mary’s outfit. They stare down and talk trash, Maryse kicks Eve in the knee. Shoulder went into the ring post. Kicks to Eve. Eve’s face is smacked off the mat.  Near fall on Eve.  Her weird Russian legsweep. It’s her sexy  camel clutch. Eve powers back, but Maryse stops that. Eve is in the ropes and Mary pulls at her hair. She throws her hand into the ref’s face. Eve gets thrown outside. Maryse kicks the ringpost. Maryse gets thrown back into the ring.  Clotheslines and dropkicks to Maryse. Match is so slow. SLAP to Eve.  Hair smash to Maryse. Moonsault to Maryse.  Maryse cries saying that the ref needs to do his freaking job. Eve gets into the face of Maryse. The faceplant won’t make Mary stay donw. Maryse powers back and now Eve kicks Maryse. Maryse counters Eve’s ugly move. Eve retains the match after doing the Madison Rayne sex move aka Courtney Taylor’s HoeDown.  The face crusher allows Eve to pick up the victory to retain her Diva’s Title.

What a strange night! Most people bleed or killed their arm ( aka Orton)! I hope everyone and their mother is okay.

Batista decided to quit as he didn’t want to get slammed off of a car. LMFAO! Batista got FU’ed ( Attitude Adjustment) through the stage anyways. KTHXBAI BORETISTA! HAI SHEAMUS! Nice to see you haven’t gotten a tan! 😉

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