WWE Superstars Preview: Mixed Tag Match

7 10 2010

You heard right! Natalya is in action again tonight with her tag-team partners DH Smith and Tyson Kidd against Tamina and the Uso’s.

Should be good! Hopefully, Natalya actually gets time to fight, unlike her RAW matches.


Sep. 27, 2010 – RAW Revelations: And Your #1 Contender is…

30 09 2010

Pre Match: Divas are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Divas Battle Royal for the #1 Contender

Uh-oh! “Your not enough for me!” LayCool is here! They come to the ring to join Jerry Lawler and Cole.

Tamina tries to eliminate Natalya but Melina makes the save. Gail and Eve go after Alicia. Tamina gets Melina up and she is eliminated. Tamina is sent to the apron but Maryse sends Gail to the apron as well. Gail returns to the ring and she goes after Maryse. Tamina kicks Gail but Gail tries for a rana but Tamina holds on and drops Gail on the top rope and eliminates her. Eve and Tamina battle while Maryse is close to being eliminated. Tamina is eliminated by Eve. Tamina tries to eliminate Eve but Maryse pulls her in and the referee pulls Tamina away.

The Bellas send Jillian into Alicia and then they send them to the apron. The Bellas try for a double baseball slide and go to the floor to eliminate themselves. Maryse is eliminated by Eve. Alicia kicks Eve to the apron and the floor. We are down to Alicia, Natalya, and Jillian. They hit a double suplex on Natalya. Natalya holds on to the ropes and she stays on the apron. Jillian kicks Alicia but Alicia eliminates her. Alicia kicks Natalya on the apron but Alicia cannot eliminate her. Natalya with a back body drop to eliminate Alicia.

Winner: Natalya

Post Match: Michelle and Layla act afraid of Natalya in the ring. Natalya celebrates. Can’t wait to see her wrestle again!

Backstage Segment

Maryse is in the back and she talks about how Eve cost her the battle royal. Ted blames Maryse for the loss last week. Maryse and Ted argue and there is a knock on the door. Ted opens the door and nobody is there, but there is a note on the floor. Maryse opens the envelope and she reads it in French. Ted tells her to read it in English. “Next week, you will be mine.” it says. Maryse leaves in anger.

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Santamina – The ‘NEW’ Glamarella?

10 08 2010

If you watched Monday Night RAW last night then you’d of noticed that the second generation Diva, Tamina, was involved in a funny skit with Santino Marella after the Divas tag match. Check out what a fan who was in attendance at RAW had to say.

There was some speculation after RAW last night that Tamina had left The Usos since she seemed to start an angle with Santino Marella. A fan in attendance says that Tamina was with Jimmy and Jey as they took on Yoshi Tatsu and Goldust at the Superstars tapings. ((credit))

I hope the Tamina / Santino angle was just for comedy purposes, I seriously hope it doesn’t lead into another ‘Glamarella’ alliance.

RAW Revelations – The ‘A’ List Diva is BACK!!

3 08 2010

Monday Night RAW – August 2nd, 2010:
Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and Natalya VS Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall, and Tamina

Match Recap:
Eve’s team, which consist of Gail Kim and Natalya, is already in the ring waiting for their opponents to enter the arena.Alicia’s music hits and out comes the Diva’s Champion with her partners Jillian Hall and Tamina.Jillian doesn’t look too happy as she and Gail start off the match.Now I kinda zoned out of the match here because I was really just waiting for Melina, so I don’t know what happens during this exchange.Jillian gets the tag to Alicia, and her and Gail go at if for little while, but soon Gail tags Natalya with Natalya getting the upper-hand over Alicia from the start.Soon all hell breaks loose as the illegal women in the match start getting involved, as they usually do during a 6-woman tag match.The match ends with Alicia hitting a distracted Natalya with her finisher, the axe kick.

Winners of the Match: Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall, and Tamina in 3:10

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WWE RAW Rewind – 6.28.10 – Snakes and Ladders

29 06 2010

I didn’t have time to actually watch RAW because I was very busy, but, here is a recap of what happenend last night:

The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs. The Usos and Tamina

We go to the ring for six-person tag team action as WWE’s Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty and Natalya make their way to the ring. As they get on the apron, the Usos and Tamina attack from behind and destroy the Harts. The Usos leave up the ramp. Tamina runs back down and throws Natalya in the ring. Tamina stomps on Natalya and goes to the top. Tamina hits the big Superfly splash and goes back outside of the ring to leave with the Usos.

Winner: No Contest

Later on in the night…

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RAW Rewind – 6.21.10 – Debuts and Mixed Tag Teams

23 06 2010

Monday Night on RAW, we had the pleasure of having 2 Diva’s matches, first one we’ll start off with is:

Tamina vs. Natalya

Tamina and Natalya; I have the greatest respect for these women, I don’t usually accept the new superstars or divas, but Tamina definetly has talent. Both of these Diva’s made their wrestling debut on RAW tonight, Tamina starts off the match having total power. And… that’s pretty much how it goes throughout the whole match too. Oh yeah, did I mention Tamina is the daughter of WWE Legend “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka. So, if you thought you saw some familiar moves in this match, you would be right. Well, anyways after Tamina keeps dominating Natalya, the NXT rookies come out and the match ends. They take over and brawl with Tyson, DH, Jimmy, and Jey.

Eve and The Great Khali vs. Alicia Fox and Primo

Eve and Khali enter, and Alicia and Primo enter. Can I just say something though? Alicia Fox, I’m suprised she hasn’t pulled a muscle in her hip. No one walks like that, no human body is meant to walk like that! When I see her entering the ring, I just want to shut off the TV and laugh.

The match starts off with Alicia and Eve squaring off, Eve takes the first upper-hand and kicks Alicia in the stomach. The match seems to go back and forth between the two of them, Alicia keeps showing us why she was meant to win that Diva’s championship. Eve then takes the air and shows us why she WAS the Diva’s champion, she is sexy, smart, and powerful, and she sure shows us in this amazing flip off the top rope. She tags in Khali and he literally clobbers the puny little Primo and knocks him flat to the ground. Khali then pins Primo for the win and the team of Eve and Khali celebrate inside the ring.

Tamina vs. Natalya: Digitals

Eve and Khali vs. Alicia and Primo: Digitals | Video

RAW Rewind – Who ‘Killed’ The Divas Championship Fued? While Alicia Shines

1 06 2010

This week on Monday Night Raw we saw the WWE Divas Championship fued between Champion Eve Torres and Maryse hit an unforeseen pit-stop, with the two leading Divas on the Raw Roster placed in an inter-gender tag-team match The Divas Champion Eve teamed up with WWE’s Italian Comedian Santino Marella and the top-heel on the Brand paired up with The Former King-of-the-Ring William Regal. With several comedic stunts from Santino trying to forge a tag-team alliance with William Regals co-hort Vladamir Kozlov and for him to turn face at the end of the match by Choke-Slamming Regal.

During this weeks Raw we find out the identity of the ‘Mystery Trio’ that attacked the Hart Dynasty last week in a promotional package that featured the Dynasty getting jumped on by the Trio last week, with a lovely ‘Just for Men’ Advert playing at the bottom of the screen. Then we are given an office segment featuring the Hart’s and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and announced that the Trio where the Uso Brothers & Sarona Snuka aka Tamina as announced on our Brother Site and we are given their debut heel promo package, saying that the Hart Family have been given the time to shine in WWE’s History and the Uso’s & Snuka’s have just played in the shadows and were never given the lime-light and time to shine, The Trio said that it is there time to Dominate in WWE;

Meanwhile to round off the Divas action tonight, Alicia Fox proved to be more than a mere shadow to Zach Ryder tonight in his quest to discover who guest host Ashton Kutcher appointed to carry out a hit on him, much like in Ashton’s new movie “Killers”. This was in response to Ryder dissing Kutcher on Twitter, Which he took enormous offence to. Throughout the night, Ryder worried himself sick, and he and Alicia ended up in the ring, pleading with Ashton to tell him who this mystery “Killer” is, So is this Alicia’s time to shine or is WWE just toying with us yet again?