TNA ‘Bound for Glory’ LIVE Coverage

11 10 2010

“HARDCORE COUNTRY!” – Mickie is the first Knockout out in the ring. She’s the special guest referee. The crowd loves her! Tara and Madison Rayne make their way out to the ring… riding Tara’s bike. What else?

Last but not least, my favorites! The Beautiful People Velvet Sky and Angelina Love make their way out in gorgeous outfits.

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New Photoshoot: Tara – Hot Mess!

4 10 2010

The name ‘Hot Mess’ sounds perfect for this photoshoot by Tara. Although, I have NEVER seen a Hot Mess look this good. Tara shows her full out TNA support in this outfit. She is “Tarafied”. Photoshoot: TaraPhotos

Sep. 30, 2010 – TNA Tales: Who are the real ‘Beautiful People’?

1 10 2010

Backstage Segment

The Beautiful People, Madison Rayne, Tara, and Lacey Von Erich are in a conference room. Ms. Tessmacher is leading the discussion. Lots of shouting before order is gained. Tessmacher asks if Rayne has the waiver that will allow Tara to get into the ring. More shouting ensues. It is announced that there will be a Fatal Four-Way match between Rayne, Tara, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky at BFG for the Knockouts Championship. Shouting starts up again until security clears the room. Tessmacher gets a call from someone who wants to see her in 20 minutes.

No Media this week due to the fact that the Knockouts only got about 3 seconds on-air.

TNA Knockout Rushed to the Hospital

26 09 2010

Current TNA Knockout Tara was scratched from last night’s TNA Wrestling live event in Rahway, New Jersey. She was supposed to wrestle TNA Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love, but the match did not take place. Tara posted the following on Twitter:

“Crazy night last night. I was taken to the ER in Jersey. I will post photos when I get home.” Photoshoot: Tara – She’s Back!

10 09 2010

Tara is back and hotter than ever! We finally get to see her face, and it looks so good! She is wearing a white mini shirt and jeans in this stunning photoshoot.

There are 2 photos, and hopefully more to come. Thumbs up by me! Photoshoot – Tara: Photos

TNA No Surrender Live Blog!

6 09 2010
  • Madison Rayne makes the way to the ring with the now revealed “Biker Chick” Tara to the Beautiful People’s music.
  • The original Beautiful People make their way out to the ring to the same music who Madison said a few weeks back that she would “sue them for”.
  • The match starts and Tara goes after Velvet Sky immediately. Madison Rayne (of course) takes it to her advantage and takes Velvet in the corner and chokes her. Madison slams Velvet down on the mat and clobbers her with fist after fist.
  • Madison Rayne still has the upper hand and uses a “camel clutch” on Velvet. Velvet breaks out of the clutch and smacks Madison across the face. Velvet goes for the pin and 1…2…
  • Madison regains her stamina and… Deja Vu! Rolls Velvet right up. Madison Rayne trys to trap Velvet in a headscissors, but Velvet knows better and knocks her right back down.
  • Velvet Sky is gaining more and more power. Clothesline after clothesline and an elbow to the face. Spear! Velvet takes Madison down in a flash and is slamming her head down on the mat.
  • Velvet goes for a pin and… fails. Tara drags her out of the ring and tries to hit her head with the helmet but Angelina Love interferes and stops it.
  • Velvet Sky goes after Madison Rayne with a DDT and pins Madison. 1…2…3! Velvet Sky has won!
  • The two celebrate inside the ring afterward.

DON’T FORGET: TNA’s Media Vault will be updated tomorrow with the ‘No Surrender’ Media coverage. Photos and Videos. Check back with Diva-Adikt tomorrow for that.

Sep. 2, 2010 – TNA Tales: Mysterious Biker Girl uncovered

3 09 2010

We start off the night with a Knockouts segment! And what a Knockouts segment it was:

Madison Rayne and the biker ride out to the Beautiful People’s music despite the announcer announcing Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. After Rayne tells the biker to take off the helmet (leaving a mask on), Love and Sky appear on the ramp.

Ladies start fighting on the outside. Biker is sent into the guardrail by TBP. Rayne is in the ring and trapped between her former stablemates. Rayne tries to plead her case but Love and Sky want no part of it. Before Sky could hit Rayne with the tickler (weapon), the biker makes the save and the match officially starts. Love and Sky are in control of the match. Double-team suplex to Rayne. The biker uses the motorcycle helmet to hit Sky in the back and Rayne gets the pin. Love gets hit with the helmet after the match as well.

Winner: Madison Rayne and Mystery Biker via pinfall

The mask is taken off to reveal Tara as the biker. Mike Tenay remarks that we haven’t seen her on TV since she lost to Rayne.

Photos from the match are not up yet, they will be posted when they are.