Tiffany to Return to SmackDown, Charges Dropped

26 09 2010

WWE performer Taryn Terrell (a/k/a Tiffany) has been cleared of domestic assault charges stemming from an incident that took place with husband Drew Galloway (a/k/a Drew McIntyre) at the couple’s Los Angeles hotel room last month.

The couple, who married in Las Vegas in May, attended a party at the Playboy Mansion hours before her arrest.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office told dailyrecord last night: “No further legal action is anticipated in this case.”

Terrell had her $20,000 bail returned and the story notes that she is set to make her return to the ring. Though WWE did not publicly say she was suspended, she has not performed since company officials became aware of the arrest.


Tiffany Update; Arrest/Suspension Information, Arrest a “misunderstanding”

30 08 2010

UK Newspaper, ‘The Daily Record’ writers Ben Spencer and Mike Larkin wrote an article on Tiffany regarding her whereabouts and more information on her suspension.

THE Playboy bunny wife of Scots wrestling champ Drew McIntyre has been suspended as a TV grappler after allegedly attacking him.

Taryn Terrell, 24, has not appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Friday Night SmackDown TV show since being arrested.

The stunning blonde was detained by police at the couple’s Los Angeles hotel room after security staff raised the alarm.

A spokeswoman for the  WWE confirmed: “WWE are aware of the situation and have taken appropriate disciplinary action.”

And an insider said: “Taryn has been kept off the shows to  give the authorities the required time to investigate.

“The bosses see it primarily as a personal issue but they have to keep a close eye on the legal  proceedings.

“If she is not charged with any wrongdoing, she will be welcomed back.”

The SmackDown show is watched by millions of fans across more than 55 countries.

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Tiffany Suspension: The Very Latest

14 08 2010

It has recently come to our Attention that WWE Diva Tiffany was actually arrested on the 8th August 2010. You can read the latest on this story below;

WWE Diva Tiffany, real name Taryn Terrell was actually arrested at 8 AM on Saturday 8/8 in West Los Angeles, California. She was charged with a misdemeanor (I believe assault, but the police report I was provided did not make that clear) against her husband, WWE star Drew McIntyre.

A domestic disturbance between the two led to both security and later police being called to a hotel, which is not named in the report. Terrell was taken into custody and booked into the Van Nuys Valley Jail at 10:26 AM. She was released on $20,000 bail at 4:55 PM later that afternoon.

McIntyre was not taken into custody or charged.

Terrell is scheduled for a hearing on 9/2 at the Los Angeles Municipal Court, Division 141. WWE immediately sent Terrell home once they were made aware of the situation.

The earlier date and location of her arrest were incorrect and I apologize for the error. The confusion in the dates seemed to come from Terrell not being at TV in San Jose this past Tuesday.

There is a lot of talk among WWE performers that Terrell may end up released as she was in town representing the company as part of Summerslam week and performers have been let go in the past when there were incidents at hotels during Wrestlemania week.

As of right now, the official stance is that Terrell is “indefinitely suspended.”

Source: PWInsider

WWE Suspends Tiffany Following Incident

13 08 2010

WWE Diva, Tiffany was suspended by the company following an ‘alleged’ altercation in a hotel where WWE had booked the wrestlers for this past Tuesday’s SmackDown taping, reports PWInsider.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that there was an incident between Tiffany and real life husband, Drew McIntyre, that resulted in police being called to the hotel.

Tiffany — real name Taryn Terrell — may or may not have been arrested. “We have conflicting reports over whether Terrell was arrested by the San Jose PD,” writes Johnson.

Terrell was sent home after the incident.

There was some speculation that Terrell was due to compete this Sunday at SummerSlam, this may be the reason that Terrell has not yet been officially added to the Summerslam Card with her ‘Blondtourage’ Team mate Kelly Kelly.

In Video: HardCORE Moments from ECW

7 08 2010

In honor for TNA’s ECW Themed PPV, HardCORE Justice to air tomorrow night, Live from the iMPACT Zone. Here at Diva-Adikt  I thought I’d bring you flashbacks of a more recent time in ECW’s history – WWE ECW! The likes of Beulah McGillicutty, Lena Yada, Trinity, Ariel (Shelly Martinez), Kelly Kelly, WWE Women’s champion Layla, Nikki & Brie Bella, WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox  Brooke Adams (now Miss Tessmacher in TNA), Rosa Mendes, Tiffany, Natalya and of course, Francine, all made a name for themselves on this brand. We start off our final day with a video of ECW original Francine and the brooding vampiress, Ariel and Kelly Kelly′s debut!

Beulah McGillicutty vs. Bill Alfonso

If you want more HardCORE Moments from the Women of ECW, continue to watch…

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WWE Diva Tiffany on ‘Lopez Tonight’

5 08 2010

WWE SmackDown Diva, Tiffany made a brief appearance on last night’s episode of ‘Lopez Tonight’ on TBS along with several other WWE Superstars.

The vivasious, blonde appeared in the ‘You Don’t Know Me’ segment. Watch below

It is nice to see a different WWE Diva promoting the company instead of the likes of Kelly Kelly or Eve. Some may say with her ever improving in-ring skills and the continual improvements with her building the Character of one-half of Blondtourage with Kelly Kelly, she may become an all-rounder in the next-few years.

Money in the Bank Results – Were New Champions Crowned?

19 07 2010

Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs. Eve.

They locked up at the bell, and jockeyed for position, with Fox taking Eve to the mat, but they maintained the collar-and-elbow tieup. Eve armdragged out of it, then grabbed a headlock. Eve hit a shoulderblock for a one count, then a jackknife cover for another one. Eve hit a sunset flip for two, then a dropkick. Alicia reversed a whip, then went for a tornado DDT, but Fox yanked her to the mat off the middle rope. They went to the floor, and Fox rammed Eve back first into the ring apron. Fox pulled Eve into the ring by her hair and got a two count. Fox hit a forearm to the back, then a second. Fox pushed Eve down in an over the knee backbreaker, then lifted Eve and hit the backbreaker again when Eve tried to fight out of it.

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